Old man, old man, give me a dime
You look in your pocket and there are many
all different shades
They are all the same size
but some are new and some are old
Because you have held onto your money
for a very long time
It is yours, yes, I know
You earned it, yes, I know that, too
You don't want to share it, yes, that is obvious
It is yours until you die, well of course, I imagine so

Except, if perhaps, letting go of it will prolong your life?
What if to spend a little would grant you more time here
on this earth?
What if to share your wealth would guarantee
that your eyes open in the morning
and you could feel sun rays upon your face?
What if I told you that your money held tightly
is what will send you to an early grave?

"Words without value, logic, reason, sense . . ."
and yet, I hold your breath . . .
each one . . .
Mine to give . . .

Now, who earned the money?
And how did that come about?
Did you breathe in each moment in order to work?
Yes, well, then we share in your wealth, don't we?

Think about these things
as you count your money over and over and over again
planning your time of peace and plenty
Think of those you know
who need help
who need both old and new money
who have no ability to earn
and remember that your wealth given
is tied to your life lived
Wealth given ~ life lived
Wealth given ~ life lived
I will let that sink in for awhile
and remind you of your accountability
and we will see what you decide
and then . . . consequently what I decide.

Old man of wealth
lays it down daily
to secure one day and then another
He lays it down as if forced
by Someone stronger (and wiser)
but he does lay it down
His pockets will never be empty
He will have plenty to live out his days
but he, too, will be blessed
as he gives what I will no longer allow him to hold

Pay Me now or Pay Me later . . .
but pay Me
how I choose
when I choose
and with how much I choose
and you will see many fine days on this earth

Isaiah 26