Shout it in the streets
"The Emancipator comes!"
He comes riding a white horse
With drawn sword
Pity the ones in His way
For you see
Time has come to lay bare
The reprobates, the thieves, liars,
Mockers, blasphemers

Speak not now
For in the end you will know
This Righteous Cause
And why the timing is now

They say that the children hid
When they saw the White Horse approach
For they felt the Judgment come
In their spirits
The adults, most of them
Could no longer recognize things of the Spirit
And were caught unaware, unrepentant
And were slain in the streets

Could this really happen?
It is a tale of sorts, but also an accurate description
of the Judgment of the coming days

Many will be slain by the Sword of Truth
Never to regain life
Many will be brought before the Courts of God
Because the courts of men
refuse to hold them accountable
Many will suffer horrific fates for sins hidden and concealed
And once more, the word "Justice"
will be on the lips of the people

How can this massacre by Heaven be stopped?
Is there a formula or a special prayer to pray?
The Rider of the White Horse sees the heart
and knows who will return to folly after praying

Sad days
Long days
Dark days
Days of Truth
Days of Justice
Days you will not want to remember
Days due this nation

We once called Him "Father"
And blessed His Name
We raised our children to revere Him
We taught ourselves to count our blessings
We measured our days by how much we helped others
We prayed as people who knew and loved God
We sacrificed time to study His Word
We fought for Righteous causes
We hated evil
We imprisoned thieves
We lauded true honor

We've changed
We no longer seek God, His Ways
or His Righteousness
We've turned our faces from Him
to perform abominable acts
Our churches now sanction these things
And our grave becomes deeper and wider
And daily more are brought in
And trapped

The solution has been written before
And will be true this very day

Ezekiel 12-15
Jeremiah 16