The advancement is only figurative
and just for a moment
The advancement that you perceive
to push you to the next level
will escape you in a moment of time

You seek to rise to the top
but the top is still elusive
You seek to play the game
but there truly is not a winner
You seek to bully your way
into good standing
and yet, the God of the Heavens
stands as your Judge
And this day, in one day
all will be revealed

What does God look for
when He seeks to raise up a servant
to do His bidding,
to speak His words,
to declare His decrees,
to build His Church?

Is it education, a well-rounded,
all-encompassing seminary degree?
Is it someone who constantly does good,
who helps, who comforts, who loves?
Is it a person who prays without ceasing
or takes Communion with a pure heart?
What is God looking for
and who will serve this last generation?

If you knew His Heart,
you would know
that He looks for those who will obey Him
with an undivided heart,
sacrificing all things to please Him
And yet,
the ladder remains for those who will climb
who prefer religious practices
to intimate fellowship with the Father

The times are changing
and God will be raising up people
who you will disdain
for they won't have the treasured education,
the degree from seminary,
the glossy, smiling personality,
the resume of helpful acts,
the display of piety
or the perfect attendance record at the local church
but what they will have are scars
from their obedience
and with these scars
they have loved the Father's Heart
and proven themselves worthy of service

In one single step
one small test
God will remove the leaders
who are not soul of His Soul
heart of His Heart
obedient unto death
and He will start anew and afresh
with those who will obey

He's just that WISE