The jury is out
The prison doors shut tightly
There is the sound of a bell
In the distance
The crowds weep
The rebellious rant
The cowards plot revenge

Still the prison door is shut tightly
Angels come and go
Death approaches
But the Hand of God
holds him back

Prisoner, prisoner
What have you done wrong?
They call for your crucifixion
The children watch with wonder
Will it happen today?

The evil go on doing evil
The ignorant remain ignorant
The prisoner has given up hope
that the God of mercy will appear
in time

"Go on to your grave!"
the rebellious shout
for they want freedom from the Truth

Scout out the far field
and prepare the Cross
Loosen the chains about his feet
Let him walk freely for one more second
The hammer rests by the nails
The clouds thicken
The wind gusts

"Dare you destroy the Son of God?"
But of course, for He does not belong here
He is not of this world
He is destined for Home

Call out quickly for the angels to rescue Him
Surely He does not need to die
Surely there is another way
But the Father proceeds to allow
Earthen rebellious sinful man to put to death
His only Son

The prisoner now fully free
The chains gone
Punishment done

Suffer to save yourself
From the oppressor
Pray the decrees to soften Satan's blow
The Father will still put you to death
as He did His own Son
because He knows it's the only way
to set you fully free

The prison door may open
The crowds may stop their rants
You may know a strange peace
but you are not fully free yet
You are only free and fully ready to Reign
when the Father deems it so

Suffering, horrific, lonesome suffering
at the Hand of the Father
for one purpose and one purpose alone:
God's obedient Masterpiece
Honed, purified, polished, furnace born Bride
The perfect counterpart