A young couple madly in love
wait for their wedding day
A day of true bliss
So many blessings await them
Their future bright with promises
What could be better?
No one could be happier
Friends and family savor the moment of this joy
But it was not meant to last
It was not of God's Will
It was never supposed to happen
it was purely and rebelliously the will of man

Disease followed
Years of suffering ensued
This reason and that were given
But truly God would be merciful
and answer their prayers

Not so
Year after year, not so
They hide alone, sequestered from others
They fear just about everything
Their faith shaken
Their tears many
Their pain, unbearable at times

They were told not to marry
They were given wisdom from others
They were instructed in God's Ways
But it was easier to follow their hearts
and declare the wisdom sent from God,

How long will their punishment last?
Until their repentance is full and complete
Until they do as God instructs
Until they acknowledge
their willful disobedience, rebellion,
thievery, mockery and blasphemy

The land will turn on you in due time
Yes, even the land
It will not hold your impudence
nor reckon with your complaints
Your eyes are swollen from looking for hope
You scam people to take their money
But friends, this day,
I will open your eyes to see your sin
This day I will reveal
your loathsome hearts to others
This day I will use you
as a well written sermon
to preach of the trials of man
who go their own way

Young people, you still are,
but soon age will cause you
to wither and fade
You will grow old as cattle leather with age
You will lack strength as an old woman
trying to rise up from a chair
and everything you touch
will turn to dust
This is the legacy of those
who say they are Mine,
but walk in disobedience and arrogance

Wither, young plants . . .
The sun is not your friend or your ally
You will not be watered
for you refuse Truth every time
it is offered to you


Hosea 9