“Then the children of Israel                     
       did evil
in the sight
of the LORD.
So the LORD delivered them into the hand
   of Midian
for seven years, and the hand
          of Midian
     prevailed against Israel. Because of
     the Midianites, the children
of Israel
   for themselves the dens,
the caves,
         and the strongholds which are in the     
So it was,
       whenever Israel had sown, Midianites
would come up;
also Amalekites and the people
      of the East
would come up against them. Then they would encamp
against them
        and destroy
the produce
    of the earth
as far as Gaza, and leave NO sustenance for   
neither sheep
nor ox
nor donkey.
For they would come up
with their livestock
and their tents, coming
     in as numerous
       as locusts;
both they and their camels
were without
and they would enter the land
to destroy it.
So Israel was   
         GREATLY impoverished    
of the Midianites,
and the children   
    of Israel
cried out to the