I refuse all illness, all disease, all weakness in my body, soul, heart,
mind and spirit in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I submit myself fully
to the Lord Jesus Christ to be cleansed, protected, healed and sanctified
by His Blood shed and His Victory won at the Cross.  I ask You, God,
to reveal to me any ways which unconfessed sin has brought forth my
sickness so that I may confess, repent and ask to be cleansed.
I place all my possessions and finances into God's Hands for His Purposes.
 I call for a Righteous Covering over all that I own and all that is due me.
I rebuke the destroyer and thief from all that I have placed into God's Hands.  I ask for God's Perfect Plan for the use of all that I own.
I ask You, Lord Jesus, that all that I speak would be from Your Heart.
Please cleanse my heart, soul, mind fully with Your Blood so that I may
fully represent You, Your Love and Your Truth to all.  May I see all people
as You do and treat them as You would.  Please rise up within me
in the Power of Your Holy Spirit to be through me all that You offer.
I call for the Blood of Jesus Christ to flow through my home, cleansing it
of all evil and destroying / breaking down all strongholds.  I command
Satan and all his evil to leave my home in the Name of Jesus Christ.
I call for the Blood of Jesus Christ to sanctify my home for God's Purposes
alone.  I decree that my home will always and continually be a Sanctuary
for God's Presence.  God, please guard my heart and mind so that
I will know Your displeasure with anything that I read, watch or
listen to.  Teach me how to remain Pure and Righteous in Your Sight
so that I may be a clean and welcoming home
for Your Holy Spirit at all times.
Father God, I submit all my time to You.  I ask You to bring me into Your Presence to hear Your Voice; to know what You would have me do each
moment of each day.  May I obey You perfectly, submitting to Your plans
with joy and thankfulness.  May all my dreams be from You to teach me
Your ways and to confirm Your Truths. I bind Satan, in the Name of the
Lord Jesus Christ, from my mind and my desires.  May I be taught by
Your Holy Spirit and hunger for You as You desire me to.
I submit my passions to You, Lord Jesus and ask You to submerge me
in Your Spirit so that all that I desire is Holy and Righteous.  Impassion me
to praise and worship You as You desire to bring forth Your Presence
on this earth.
I submit my losses to You, Father God.  I ask You to redeem these losses
as only You can.  I look to Your Face and not to a replacement for the loss.
Bind my heart to Yours to please You.  May I trust You as You desire.
May I fully gain more of Your Life within me through this loss.
I don't understand the loss, but I trust Your Love.
I submit myself and ___unto Your full Covering and Protection over us.
Please cause us to abide fully in You; to do and to be Your treasured
possessions.  Please protect us from all evil and teach us how to take
Authority over all that wants to kill, steal and destroy. May we rise up
and protect the innocent in Your Righteous Might and cover them
with Your Righteous Blood shed for our lives.
I bind all evil spirits, powers, principalities from operating through ___
in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Blood of Jesus Christ shed at
the Cross which won the Victory over Satan and all evil.  I place this person
into God's Hands and ask that they would be offered complete deliverance.
May they know the penalty for their sin as if today is Judgment Day.
May they know exactly what their fate will be if they continue to be
used by evil.  I cover them with the Blood of Jesus Christ and decree
that all evil within them and working through them be made null, void
and powerless in every way by the Blood of Jesus Christ.
Father God, teach me how to know Your Perfect Will each day. Open my ears
to hear Your clear Voice.  Cleanse my heart, soul and spirit so that I may be
pure enough to encounter Your abiding Presence.  Cause me to surrender
to You all that keeps us apart and remove from me all that grieves
Your Holy Spirit.  I believe that there is a perfect Will for me to walk in
each day.  "Feed" me your Truth to cause me to take each step, each day,
fully trusting in You and obeying Your Voice unto Your full pleasure.

* * *