The steel cage tears at your skin
You stand helpless
against the cold, dark night
But you remember the days of the faint summer breeze
You remember freedom as a child
and the chase of a butterfly
When did this darkness begin
and yet, will it ever end?
The days and nights are the same:

“For You have put everything in subjection under his feet.  
Now, in putting everything in subjection to man, 
He left nothing outside of man’s control.”
Hebrews 2

Well . . . that explains the chaos, the anarchy,
the hatred, strife, jealousy, murder
We are all trapped by our own rule
and yet, we have no true moral code
no true identity beyond simple evolved
cell collection
We have nothing
We are nothing
Our lives truly bear nothing of value

But a Man came, I heard
to ransom us from this condition
of selfish obsession
to transform us into His Image
to bring forth
a New World of love and life,
freedom and . . .

What else is it that we desire?
Why were we formed by a Mighty God
Who already had everything?
What is it that He wants from us?

And you see,
the Blood flowed to buy us from our fallen state
to bring forth
friendship with the Almighty God

That’s preposterous!
And yet, true from beginning to end . . .

Ransomed with the price of His own Son
so that many would now be
in His Image
Friends with this Creator God
True family


And yet, we who know this Truth
sit idly by waiting for the next church service
when we could be . . .
we should be
telling the world

Join with me
Take hold of 10 people in your life
and make them a gift unto God
Place them in the Hand of God

The Gift of Friendship
we can give Him this day
Only a prayer away

Give Him what He longs for . . .
your loving, faithful friendship
and a full and complete family