Shalom Jerusalem


"They have also healed

 the hurt of My people


 saying, 'Peace, Peace!’ 

 when there is no peace" 

 Jeremiah 6:14

Israel, Israel, Israel

Divided you stand

All fight for a piece of you, for land, for property

You hold the world's attention at all times.

Peace and war times

What would I speak to you today?


Hardly, for you see, what governs man's heart,

governs you - greed and selfish gain

You all speak of gaining land for the purpose

of religion --- for godly pursuit and yet,

am I a God that requires land?

Yes, Jerusalem, sacred city

Mount Moriah standing tall

It was once Mine, once Holy, once sacred

once under My Domain and Control

when Righteousness was "King"

but for now, for this time, it truly reflects

men's hearts, torn and divided

speaking of peace, and yet, 

there is none demonstrated

Speaking of love, and yet, 

there is only hatred

and intolerance displayed

Speaking of abundance and yet,

there is such poverty of the spirit and soul abounding

Yes, the land will once more be Mine,

once more be sacred

when time is close to an end,

when I come to rule, but for now,

you represent men's hearts, not truly toward Me

but toward your own religious beliefs

I could set you free

I could come and deliver the land from its enemies

and deliver it to its rightful owners

to those I promised it to in My Word

but has there been an adherence

to My Laws, My Promises?

Read Deuteronomy 26 through 28 

and see WHY the land is not truly sacred

any longer

I will return on the White Horse one day

and make all things right, but until then 

men will continue to fight,

continue to take,

continue to kill 

to gain what they think is theirs

There is NO PEACE 


the Prince of Peace reigns

The end times are near

The end times are here


The land will be Mine once more

The sacrifices will be made

The hearts will be made new

The Messiah, the King, 



as was promised . . .  Zechariah 14