God is on His Holy Hill

The land flickers with light

A light which is unknown to many

It is the HOPE of a few Righteous asking God

to come and bring Truth

to come and bind up the wounds

to come and Breathe on this land

once more

But there is confusion, threats, fear of every kind

and the people run to find solace

anything which will calm their hearts

and console their minds

There is little that will bring relief

once the Prisoner of Hell has been brought to view
He captivates the mind with his plain and inviting tongue

He plays the advocate, the caring brother, the peaceful organizer
but friends, don’t be betrayed
Don’t settle for a lie, when Truth is what you need

And the “word” came to me today

that there would be three earthquakes to rip apart this land
to display the awesome might of vengeance

to counteract the mild composure of the false, but active apostate churches

Just as a mother cries out in pain before the baby emerges

This country will wreak with pain and movement

to present a birth

Three earthquakes sent over the land

not as a warning, no it is too late for that
But as the birth of these last days


that this country will not stand in these last days

One third will die
and you exclaim, “How can that be?’

And no, the finite mind cannot imagine such tragedy
but the beginning of the end must commence as such
to enable those who remain a chance to repent
Most will not be given a chance
Most will not have that set luxury
for you see, God has warned and warned and warned
but the hearts are hard
and minds are determined
the souls are immersed in easy grace to cover their sin

A new Gospel will be heard in the land
It will be the Gospel of Truth
It will touch every life
It will bring redemption despite the cost
of those who died

Death is coming
and it will surely be as sudden as those watching a public race
comfortable in their environment
eyes pealed to see those who run
those who choose to participate in life
doing their best
holding back nothing
embracing life

Will this catch you unaware?
Is there any way to prepare this day for what is to come?
Would a simple “word” given through a “simple prophet”
cause you to re-evaluate everything

so as to make things right with God?

Are you ready to hear, really hear?

Or does the “birth” begin as you turn away again?

This time, you will have nothing to run to that is secure
All prosperity will be taken from the country in just one day
and there will be fear that is unbearable left in its place

A place in time

A “word” that literally will not be heeded by even one

Then why speak, why write?

Because it was said in the land on that dark, dark day
“If only God had warned us, we would have heeded.

We would have made provision.

We would have returned to Him and repented.

We would have . . . “

But you wouldn’t and you won’t still . . .

Three earthquakes

will give


to the last days

The Remnant


will protect with His own Hand

Joshua 3
Have you passed over safely?