the ferret
weaseled his way into a crevice in the rock
hoping the bobcat wouldn't find him there
he breathed in small gasps
for the chase had scared him mightily
he thought of his loved ones
nestled safely at home
he remembered the face of his dear mate
just yesterday
his heartbeat slowed and steadied
as he began to feel safe again
he was quiet now and no longer afraid
he had gained quite enough courage
to continue on his way again
he started to actually believe that
the bobcat did not exist at all
ah, he was convinced of it now
what an imagination he had
to get carried away with!
there was nothing else to do
in his mind
but to slink bravely out
of his hiding place
and face these "falsely conjured up" fears
he slid a half-inch out of his small makeshift cave
proud and foolish as a ferret can be
barely hearing the hiss of his awaiting predator . . .

the horse walked a lonely road
without friend or saddle
he heard the clip-clop of his hoofs
and remembered the songs of old
he walked in rhythm to the memory
but a horseshoe became loose
and he had to slow
realizing it was no use to pretend anymore
that he was not alone
he missed the barn and the fenced-in fields
of waving grass
his head drooped low to the ground
as he remembered the friends he had left
and the times of laughter they had shared
for a moment wishing for the past
but a sound ahead made him startle and pause
"what was that?"
before a second had passed
he quickly leaped into a gallop
believing freedom would not be far

a fool escapes
almost to the very end
a fool renounces his faith
to blend in
a fool is someone who claims to belong to God
but fails to know Him as a Friend
does the fool sense in his heart
that he will not win?