A grain of sand it began one day
A grain of sand from the beginning of time
A grain of sand --- unnoticed by all
For you see
It was no different
from the rest
no larger - no smaller
not more or less important
but a grain of sand began it all

The sea -- the ocean, large and deep
Rough as the waves come and go
They turn the tides and bring forth destruction
But not only destruction
but promise
For you see
This grain of sand found a safe place
A habitation -- if you will
and wrapped tightly
and securely it began to grow
It grew in luster
It grew in dominance
For you see
It was the only one
of its kind within this shell
It grew and it grew
It was divided
separated from the rest of the world
It was protected and shielded

The days passed
the months passed - the years passed
and one bright, sunny day
it was washed ashore
Children playing nearby
knew there must be a treasure within
so they carefully pried apart the shell
Their eyes ready for a delight
But what did they see?
Was it a grain of sand - brown and common?
Was it something ordinary?
Was it something they would simply pick up
and throw back into the sea?
What did they see?

For within this shell
lay a small stone
A living stone
A stone untouched by man
A stone which had been through the storms
of the sea
and yet, the beauty
OH the Beauty!
Their eyes could barely contain the beauty
Rarely had one been found such as this
For you see
As they looked at the pearl
they would see their reflection
They would see themselves
Bright and Full of wonder
Full of Promise
Full of God's Delight
as He will take each one of us
common as we are
just like the grain of sand
and make us and create us and
build us into something
very, very Beautiful!

Will we
come alone
into the
Maker's Hands?

Will we
dare to come apart
from the world
and allow Him
to be
our Protector ~ our Shield?

Will we
come and lay before Him
all that we are
to become
all that
He can create?

Will we
become a Pearl
or remain
a grain of sand?

The choice
is ours and ours, alone
Our shell ~ His abode
is ready for us
It is the secret place
which He has for each of us
where He loves us
teaches us
molds us
makes us
His perfect workmanship

Will we come?