What is church?

Is it the Gospel passionately spoken?

No, that is simply a sermon

Then is it the Gospel sung?

Or is that merely a sweet and stirring song?

What is church?

The Church

God’s Bride

is a community of people

living out

the Gospel

The question is not, 

“Do you go to church?”


“What church do you go to?”

The question is, 

“Are you the Church?”

and that question is not answered with words

but with life and love

and all the little daily deeds

that tell the truth of your heart’s belief

that display the marks of where your soul is really
destined to spend eternity

The churches of America have forgotten the Gospel

lost sight of it

They turn their heads

and cover their eyes

they block up their ears

and ridicule to silence

They say, 

“We’ve been told the way to Heaven!”

but they listen not

to the Words of the Holy One

bidding them to come

always bidding them to come to Him

Where is the Church of Christ?

I look among the buildings of stone and brick and wood

but find only buildings made by man

find only men discipled by men

Where is the Church of Christ?

Where are the Christians?

Disciples of Jesus

there have been

even now, there are on distant lands

but where is the Church

where are the Christians

in our midst?

I hear the world cry out to know

I hear the cry from their broken hearts and broken homes

I hear the cry drift on cold winds

that blow over this barren broken world

and feel my soul cry along with them, sometimes

Where is the Church?

Where are the Christians?

Oh, God, make us that Church

may Your Gospel be embodied by our lives

just so vividly

make us truly a light upon a hill

that all who long for light, safety, hope

for You

would see Your Love

in us

would see You

might encounter You

might touch Your garment

when they touch ours

might know Your forgiveness

through ours

might hear Your Words

through our lips

might see Your scarred Hands and Feet

when we reach out to take their hand

when we walk miles and miles

to bring the Good News home to their hearts

Make us that Church

Trampled upon, I am

hated, I remain

but I am not ashamed

for I shine among the blind

I speak to the deaf

still I say,

“Beloved friends, have you read what the Bridegroom
has said?

Oh, would you come and find Him with me?

Look!  I see His Footsteps on this path!”

but you only say, 

“We do not know these sayings!

The one we love would never say these hard Words!”

But my Bridegroom has spoken, you see

He has spoken and written and whispered and wooed

a thousand countless ways He calls me

and His Words are red with the Blood He shed for me

and I must go

I will run

I must find Him

and hold Him fast and never let Him go, 

dear friend

Oh, crucify us, as You must

until You see Your Love in us

until our words are stained deep-red and meaningful
with love poured out

that You might then raise us to walk with You





yes, raised to walk in all the power of the Resurrection

raise us to live, to love, to be

as You’ve longed and interceded

for Your Bride to one day be

I know You’ve longed for her heart to beat with Yours

I know You’ve longed for her hand to fit within Yours,
just so

I know You’ve longed to share it all 

Your deepest thoughts

Your sweetest laughter

Your anguished tears

Your anger and Your hope

Your plans, Your dreams, and so many possibilities
we never know

that pierce Your Heart with their beauty and tragedy

even in Your moments of silence

I know You long

I know You long for a listening ear

for eyes that perceive

for understanding to meet Your searching Soul

I know You long for Your Church

please, oh God, let me be that Church

whatever it takes

whatever it costs

persevere with me

test me and try me

in Your faithful and tender mercy

redeem me

redeem us

until we are that Bride

that Bride who follows You to Calvary
and then walks with You in white

Copyrighted material, used with permission.