God is So Good


One thing I too often forget is that God is amazingly good

Sure, I “know” it in my head

but it doesn’t truly penetrate my heart

and affect the way I live each day

For each day should be a song of praise

to the Giver 

of the air I breathe, the hope I believe, the love
that keeps me alive

Yet it is not

Each day

when I walk out the door and into the world

doubt creeps in

distractions steal my joy

the courage to love Him wholeheartedly in return fades

before I even notice what’s happened

and I begin to live for myself


O God, save me from myself, from this world,
from the evil one!

I want to love You for You

and not for Your gifts or safety or hope of anything
in Heaven or on earth

I want to pursue You

desire You

set my hope in You

and nothing and no one else

You are so good

Yet I think on

worry about


cling to

become consumed with

strive after

such lesser things

such lesser dreams

such lesser gods

But now I bow

and repent

and only ask

that You would be my all in all

Form my heart to match Yours

fashion it with Your purpose and care

hold not back Your Hand

grant me passion

grant me mercy

oh, transform me!

let me gaze upon Your Face

and pray

until You see Your Love in me

yes, even me

Upon a cross You hung for me

scarred hands and feet and side and brow

I see

and how I wish the pain had never been

I see

and I know the shame, the hatred, the sin, the nails,
the spear

all belonged to me

I see

and my soul weeps with anguish

and I can only pray 

that someday

You will see Your Love in me

You are more than I could ever ask or dream or imagine

more than all the wonderful, awesome, unique 

people and treasures of this world

You are so much more than all I’ve ever wanted

Let me live for You

and die for You

each and every day

in every task

in every step, word, gift

in every thought

in every heartbeat

in all that I do

over all that I am or could ever want

may You be esteemed


sought with exuberance

Oh, change me!

Remake me

Do whatever it takes

until all You see

all that is left

in my heart and soul

is love for You

that with all of my strength

with all of my mind

with all of my heart

and with all of my soul

I will simply



for You are good

You are so good

Copyrighted material, used with permission..