Holy Love


“The Cross laid down

for sin to be crushed

the pain is unbearable

when will it be done?

I lie down

but I feel like I’ve had enough

I try not to cry

as men pierce My veins

they shake their heads mockingly

but the sky turns dark for Me

I cannot breathe

I can barely think

back to the day they said they believed

it feels like I’ve been hanging on this Cross for eternity

when will it be over?

why has My God forsaken Me?

isn’t there another way?

the God of the universe

and I must die to set them free

pain . . . unsteady breathing

what do they want from Me?

must I drink this cup of wrath

to save those who curse Me?

but that is the only way

the only way they might believe

pain . . . My sight is dimming

My mind is fading

and Mary is crying

My body is dying

and evil seems so strong

they know nothing of what they have done

pain . . . I cry out

My God, where are You?

My bride stands below My feet weeping

as her worldly desires crumble within Me

I die to make her beautiful

I die to win her heart to Me

silence . . . it is finished

but will she love Me?”

Copyrighted material, used with permission.