I Run Away


"Take My hand," He whispers

I shake my head

No, I know the cost

I will not go that way

I pull back

I walk away

"I Love you," I hear His voice call

I quiet the thoughts that arise

No, I will not open my heart

I will not answer

I pick up my pace

I run away

I look back

to see tears on His face

to see His gentle eyes

to see His sorrow

a moment's glance

I will never forget it

I turn away

I keep on

I walk on

I run away

'But show me a Love such as His!' implores my soul

'Tell me how then I am to be free!' cries my heart

run away

run far away

I have it in my mind to do

until silent are the memories

the memories of His tears

the memories of His embrace

the memories of days spent in His sweet presence

days of joy

days of hope


I once did know

run away

run far away

I will

from the memories

I run

I run hard

and in the distance I see

I approach something


bloodstained hands and feet and face

you'd think I wouldn't recognize Him

beaten and bruised

I see that He was

a crown of thorns

pierces His brow

beaten was this face

once expressive
with compassion and mercy

upon a Cross He hangs

upon a Cross He hangs

His words echo

I fall to my knees

I bow my head

I weep

and as the tears fall

I realize

I will never escape

no, I will never outrun

this Love

this Truth

this Man

reject Him

hate Him

even crucify Him though I might

His Love remains




to the end

can I run from it?


can I refuse it?


can I lose sight of it?

oh yes

blind I often am

to it's gentle hues

but it's truth will remain

will pursue me

even to hell

I will not outrun

the truth of His Love

Copyrighted material, used with permission.