“It disgusts me how many of you I could lead astray if I wanted to.” 

–Popular pastor and author

I believe that God speaks to man.  And I believe that He has not stopped speaking.  I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.  I love God’s Word.  How?  By reading it over and over like a letter from a dear friend, by treasuring it in my heart, by remembering its guidance, meditating on it, conforming myself to it, rejoicing in it, gleaning all that I can from it.  Why?  Because I love God.

“You don’t need God to tell you whether you should do that or not,” someone told me recently.  Oh, but I do.  Call me crazy, but I want God to speak His light into every corner of my life.  I want to know where He is walking, that I may walk there also.  I want Him to call me, that I may know where His Heart really is.  I want moment by moment guidance from my Bridegroom.  Mock me if you wish, but please give up on trying to ever change me.  I am just that dependent on Him.  I want to belong to Him that much—that deeply, that constantly, that helplessly. 

God still longs to speak to every one of us—personally.  Then why do so many not hear Him?

Because we listen to this world.  Think of an old-fashioned radio with dials you must turn to tune in to the desired radio station.  Likewise, you must tune yourself in to what you desire to hear. 

Read the thoughts of man, hear what he has to say, study his life and his ways and that is who will guide your paths, speech and actions.  Read the thoughts of God, hear what He has to say in Scripture, study the Life and Ways of Jesus—be passionate, be consumed, immerse yourself thoroughly and consistently—and that is Who will Guide your paths, speech and actions. 

Listen intently that you might learn to recognize the sweet tones of His Voice.  Listen intently to what He says to you in Scripture, that you will know when it is Him who speaks—and never mistake another.  Listen intently, wait on Him until He speaks—for it is beyond worth it.

It is a wise saying that he who makes himself his own master subjects himself to a fool for a master.  You choose to be deceived and led into folly because you fail to choose to arm yourselves with the truth of Scripture, a heart ready to listen and hands and feet willing to obey in preparation, in training for your vocation and in daily practice on the battlefield. 

Evil can distract, deceive and even work through many in the American church because we are so very illiterate of all God has to say to us in the Bible—we do not love God’s Word and really treasure it and do all, no matter, to simply see what He says and then conform ourselves to it.

Too many want to fit Bible verses neatly into their arguments or accusations or presumptions about what their rights are as Christians to prove their will as good and right before others rather than taking the whole Bible, denying self and rights wholly as a disciple of Jesus, and embracing the Heart of the Father unto His costly and worthy Will for their life.  He speaks into our lives, not for us to pick and choose what fits our desires or desired lifestyle as if we can take this and leave that, but as our Master—our LORD. 

Too many want to use Him for their “good” purposes rather than surrender to be used by Him for His perfect Purpose.  How different this is from what Jesus asked of us—offered us!

Oh, friends, my heart breaks for our Bridegroom—and for you!  For how sweet is the sound of His Voice!  He longs to speak to you, to still the storm in your heart and quiet the fears and lies of the enemy you battle day after day.  He longs for you to sit at His feet, waiting for Him to whisper.  He longs for you to listen when you’ve cried out to Him, and wonder if He has listened to you.  He wants to Guide you moment by moment, aches for you to walk hand in Hand with Him, longs for a Bride that so trusts and loves Him that His bidding is as the air she breathes.

Do you love Him?  Do you care when He grieves, what brings Him joy, how He feels, what He desires?  Do you love Him?  Let Him speak.  Open your Bible.  Tune out the world.  Wait on Him—seek Him until you find Him.  Listen until His Word is what really matters.  Become helplessly dependent on Him—excruciatingly so to the world and those religious to the written law rather than bound wholly to the Author.

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.  And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.”

–John 10:27-28 (nkjv)

Copyrighted material, used with permission.