O Lover, I come
I come out from the veil upon this earth
and I seek Your Love
I seek You
as though You are hidden
as though You are away
these many years
I seek You
Do You see me arise
and come to look for You?
Do You notice that I have
only eyes for You?
Do You know that the injustice
that I encounter here
is as nothing
if I can just catch a glimpse
of Your Face?
When will You come to me, my Love?
When will Your shadow
fall upon the ground next to mine?
I watch for You
I wait . . . but I will wait forever,
for I know You cometh
I know ~ in time,
You will come and hold me close
and never let me go
I love You, my Friend, my Love, my Life
I love You . . .

You say to arise and to look
to look for You
I look in the places
where they speak Your Name
but I find You not
I look in the places
where they teach of You
and preach in Your Name
but You are not there
Where are You, my Love?
Where are You upon this earth
that I may come and dwell with You?
I seek You
as though You are buried treasure
I search for You
in the daytime hours and in the night
when all is silent
but my thoughts and yearning for You
I call out for You
and Your Presence is here with me
Is it wrong to want more?
Is it truly wrong to want Your Touch
and to hear Your Voice?
We await You, my Friend, my Love, my Life
Those of us who know You well
await that day when we will touch You
and hear Your Voice
Come now, my Love
and let us walk
in the cool of the evening
and talk of things
for which You wish to share
I will listen
I will listen to every word
and I will consume You
if possible
with my love for You
my devotion
unto all that You are
Have I told you this hour
that I love You?
I do, You know
I do . . .

~ ~
Where does this love come from?
Where did it arise from?
I sought You as a child
I sought You 
because of what I had heard of You
I heard, as a child, of a Savior
who died upon a cross for me
I sought You even as a young child
but I did not truly find You
until I hung on the same cross
I could not know Your love for me
until I had loved how You did
I love You!
I don’t fully understand
how You could die for someone
such as myself
but I know that it was love
that took You there
I have hung on the cross, too
I have known
the despair and the loneliness
I have known
the absence of the Father
I have known
Your own thoughts as You hung
I hung with You, my Friend
and now I know You
as I never could have
without the sacrifice of myself
Where does this love
this passion for You come from?
It comes from 
walking where You walked
and feeling what You felt
It comes from
having Your tears mingled 
with mine
It comes from lying before You
in surrender
and knowing that You will take up
this defeated life
and bring forth gold
Pure gold from all the suffering
If the remainder of the road
is the same
if it requires suffering to know You
to truly know You
then bring it on, my Friend
For I must know You
to Your total depths
I will pursue You 
until I am fully Yours
I love You
my Friend, my Love, my Savior
If there is any part of me
that is not Yours this day
please claim it unto Yourself
for Your Redemption
You are Mine
and I am Yours 
I rest in You
Please rest in me, my Love

~ ~ ~
Good morning, my Love
I feel Your Presence already upon me
You talk in hushed tones
until I am fully awake
I know Your Voice
I know Your Touch
through Your Spirit
How can I sleep when I would 
rather be with You?
Do You miss me as I sleep?
I miss You ~ I surely do
Why must I be so human?
Someday Your Bride will fully be
where You are
and there will be
no cause for sleeping
no need to truly rest
Just singing and dancing and loving
I’ve had tastes of that
when You have taken me to be with You
but it is so hard to return

Good morning, my Friend
May I honor You this day
with all that I am?
Do You feel the sunlight caressing the earth?
That’s how I feel when You are near
A warmth that goes to my very soul
May we hold hands and hearts
throughout this day
May You truly know that You are loved
every one of my waking hours
I love You, my King
You are my Joy ~ my GREATEST JOY!
Have a wonderful day, my Friend

~ ~ ~ ~
O my Lord, I am in great travail today 
Bring forth Your Holy work
across this earth this day
Bring it forth, my Friend
Bring it forth . . .  


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