“My Wild Rose ~ My love
I have looked for you 
across this earth 
across the Heavens
I have searched and searched 
for My love
and yet, today
I see you before My eyes
So perfectly formed 
so perfectly groomed for Me

You have walked a hard road
You have crossed a great divide
to prove your love for Me
Have I not been with you 
in the wilderness 
and in the furnace, too?
You thought, at times, 
that death, itself, would be kinder
but I made you tough 
I made you prove
the love which you spoke of
I made you all My own

You grew up 
in the desert, at first,
standing tall and firm in the hot sun
You grew and you grew 
for your nourishment 
only came from Me
I planted you 
once more
when you became sturdy
I planted you 
in a new place 
a place of Living Waters
and quiet refuge in My very Heart
You lived and dwelled there
You sought not the voices of others 
You sought not their companionship
You only sought Me

What now, Wild Rose?
What now, Dear One?
Shall I shelter you more?
Shall I hide you beneath My Wings forever?
Shall we forever be just two as One?
What shall the new days entail?
Where do we go from here?

I speak of a new name for you 
‘My Wild Rose’
for you are not like the others
You are not to be
controlled - contained - distracted
You are 
All together Mine
and now I will use you
as one uses a special piece of pottery
that has taken months to make

I shall use you, 
but not as the world anticipates
not as the world has ever seen before
I shall use you 
to the very ends of this earth

You shall speak of My ways
You shall speak of My love
You shall speak of Me and Me, alone
Alas, the others cry out 
‘make my name known’
but you
‘My Wild Rose'
will only speak of Me

for you will now see 
what I have planned for these end-times
You have known a sleeping, cowardly church
You have seen much judgment and wrath, 
hatred and shame
come from those who call Me ‘Lord’
but today is a new day
and I will reveal 
My own - My true ones

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