The Dance


"My little girl,

We have not met yet, but I already Love you. I have so many dreams for you. I look at the possibilities, and I see who you could be. I imagine what we could do together -- the things we would see, the places we would go, and even the talks we would have. I long to meet you and hold you tightly to My Chest -- I long to feel your arms embrace Me, and for you to feel My strong Arms gently surround you. I long to hear your sweet voice. I long to watch you sleep, to await the moment when you awake. I long for you to learn My Name, and to hear Myself called by you. I long for you to run to me with your concerns. I ache that I could comfort you, that I could hold you, that I could comb my fingers through your hair and tenderly sing a lullaby that would soothe all your fears, quell all your questions. I long to play with you, to teach you new things, to proudly discover the pictures you've drawn for Me and the gifts you present to me. I long to give you My Smile of approval. I long for you to share My Joy, that I could share yours. I long to answer your questions, to watch you grow in stature, to tell you how beautiful you've become, and how much it delights Me the ways you've grown with wisdom and compassion into a mature and graceful young woman. I long to watch over you and protect you as you fall in love one day. I long to teach you how to dance -- and to dance with you. Oh, there are so many dreams I have for you! If only you knew, dear sweet one, what a life I would love to give you -- what things I have dreamed for you. As I watch you grow in your mother's womb, I think on these things, and wish so much that I could tell you them all. But most of all, I wish I could tell you, simply, 'I Love you.' I made you for Me. I created you with such care. I touched the small features of your face, held your small hand, and counted the toes of your feet. I formed your heart to welcome Mine; I formed you, dear one, to know Me. And how I ache that you would...

With Tears of Hope,

Your Loving Heavenly Father"

Copyrighted material, used with permission.