who’s your daddy?


I'm starting this campaign for a friend of mine who was in car accident which left her in her mid 20's with brain damage, serious vision problems, damaged inner ear, etc. and a very dim future.

She was the passenger in a car that was totaled by an oncoming reckless driver who happened to be a back surgeon doing an illegal u-turn on a two lane highway. 

Due to lawyer fees and mishandling of the lawsuit she ended up with thousands of dollars due for medical care and absolutely no money left for subsequent tests, MRI's, surgery, vision therapy, cognitive therapy, physical therapy, any chance of recovery. 

This story would be sad enough if I stopped right here, but my friend's father is a well-to-do, church-going, community-helping man who refuses to help his daughter with what she needs no matter how many times he's been told her condition and prognosis. 

I believe that there is a family, a community, people, moms and dads and young marrieds or single people and especially teenagers who are strangers to my friend who would give to help her. 

This is what I propose:  Let's become a family that helps each other. I propose that if we just give $10 each to a worthy cause it can change their lives completely and give them hope and a way out of the situation that life has dealt them. 

Can you imagine with the speed of the Internet, how many people we could help?  I know that there are many who profess to be Christian, as does the father of my friend, who give their money to their local church, but very few people are helped through the churches due to salaries, building expenses, internal programs, etc. 

My friend and her mother may lose their home due to medical bills and expenses. I believe if enough of us gave $10 each that wouldn't happen. 

I want to see this concept explode across the Internet and people helped that don't have family or church or even if they do, they have refused to help. 

Let's be a family to each other. $10 per person is a small price to pay to give people hope. Let's start with my friend and then begin a 10 x 10 Campaign to fund our friends who need our help. 10,000 people giving $10 each can grant life again. 

Her Daddy may not care, but I believe that there are people who do care if my friend gets well. 

Thank you!  Please share this with everyone you know who has $10 and wants to help change a life. And please send your stories in with requests for help. I will be launching a website soon to share the story of my friend and many others.  We need to be there for each other.  We need to be a big, loving, caring family that comes in and helps when everyone else walks away.

We can do this!

email: the10x10Campaign@yahoo.com