Shalom, my Friend
and may You know in the coming days
the fulfillment of all
Your dreams for Your Bride
May You know a contentment which man
has not yet brought forth unto You
May You know the love of a Bride which has a heart for only You
May You know the kind of love deep within Your soul
of one who loves You beyond compare
May You know that Your Bride will never leave You or reject You
May You know the affection of one who
seeks to return Your Loving Touch day and night
May You know that You are loved even when the decisions
which You make go contrary to human thoughts and ways
May You know tears of JOY to replace those for which You shed as the people cried for Your crucifixion
May You know Your Bride to be True unto You
May You know and experience the Dance of the Bridegroom
and the Bride in these last days
and may it rapture Your soul with DELIGHT
May You know that every breath I breathe is for You
every thought is turned Your way
every whisper of my being, every shout within my soul
calls out for You to know