9/11 10:10am


PERHAPS, the Judgment commences because the United States, still at its very core, is a nation seeking to be independent of its Maker and Founder.

You read the news and you try to get involved in the political movements of these times, and yet, it is plain to see that the hope of the nation does not rely on the men and women who spar for the top spot.

PERHAPS, Judgment comes because the men who are suppose to lead us into Righteousness, Truth, Love and Faith are busy advertising articles about “How to be a Happy Person Others Want to be Around.”  Is this really the Gospel?  Is this to be the pursuit of a Blood bought, redeemed Christian whose one solid, Holy passion is to share the life and love of Jesus Christ?  Did He pursue the same goals which our Pastors teach us to pursue?  Did He stand in the Temple and admonish people to smile more and flatter people and bow to compromise in order to win the favor of people?

PERHAPS, God sees the hearts and minds of the people of the United States and knows that as long as they are taught by the apostate pastors that they will not ever encounter Him as He is.

PERHAPS, God knows that the Pastors of this land will continue to teach their feel good religion with no concept of sacrifice and the Cross of Jesus Christ.

PERHAPS, God has read the recent tweets from Pastors which tell the people that God will never forsake them or this country and He knows that if He does not step in now as Judge that He will lose the last generation to the false teaching of the seminary trained leaders.

PERHAPS, this is the time for the Trumpet Call in warning, because the people who profess to be Christian in this nation which professes to be Christian will no longer truly seek God for Who He is, to listen to Him, to learn from His Holy Spirit, to sacrifice all that they have and are to become Who He has died for them to become.

They simply rather listen to those in the land who have trained themselves into absolute compromise and apostasy in order to gain popularity, wealth, status, security, fame.  They have fallen to idols and their lives reflect a success which looks to be blessing from God, but in fact, is the beginning of their Judgment.

I spent hours packing up all my Christian books and Bibles today.  I placed them in boxes, labeled the boxes and placed them in nondescript places in my garage.  God directed me to remove them all from my home for He said that they will no longer be available for the people to read.  The people have left Him for the writings and thoughts of men.  They have deserted Him to follow their own methods of success.  They have even sought Scripture to counter the words of the prophets, and yet, God will have the last word in this time.


and yet, I know that you won’t.  You have not listened to the warnings for these 18 years.  You will not listen now.  You will not truly seek the Heart of God, sacrificing all your wealth, fame and security.  You will hope for better days, spin your web for more people to come into your false teaching and try to find new ways to make those around you happy.

JUDGMENT COMES . . . and it will not come softly or with a chance to change.  No, God will guarantee that your success up until the final minute convinces you that you are blessed by God.  Why?  Because you would not come when He called.  You would not forsake all to follow Him.  You would not be His own, His son / daughter / disciple.  You had better plans with more rewards, but the problem is that you brought thousands / millions into your apostasy.  You have guaranteed the death and eternal punishment of so many to fuel your greed.

Now, you will be fuel for the fire.  You will be a symbol of the punishment that is due those who have heard the Truth, but reject it to follow their own desires.


11 years have passed.


You were called into Righteousness, but you preached over and over that Righteousness is a false gospel.  Grace is King and by grace, you and your people will continue to mock God, disgrace His Name, spit on His Sacrifice and live according to your own deceitful hearts, but call it Christianity.

Not for long . . .


to undo all that you have done to destroy the True Kingdom of God.

PERHAPS, this Judgment will begin with

Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: “Son of man, how is the wood of the vine better than any other wood, the vine branch which is among the trees of the forest? Is wood taken from it to make any object? Or can men make a peg from it to hang any vessel on? Instead, it is thrown into the fire for fuel; the fire devours both ends of it, and its middle is burned. Is it useful for any work? Indeed, when it was whole, no object could be made from it. How much less will it be useful for any work when the fire has devoured it, and it is burned?

“Therefore thus says the Lord God: ‘Like the wood of the vine among the trees of the forest, which I have given to the fire for fuel, so I will give up the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I will set My face against them. They will go out from one fire, but another fire shall devour them. Then you shall know that I am the Lord, when I set My face against them. Thus I will make the land desolate, because they have persisted in unfaithfulness,’ says the Lord God.”