I sat alone in years past at the edge of the ocean looking, ever looking for change

I loved how the waves would come and sweep the sand beneath its grasp

Over and over and over

The sun shone brightly and I knew that this was the beginning of things to come

“Ask for a place by the sea,” God spoke to me

and I did as God spoke

The years have come and gone and I’ve been kept imprisoned in city limits

with only the view of the sky

but I ache for an ocean view, the waves powerfully bringing life to the shore

and I know that it must be soon that I will have a place by the sea

I’ve prayed and decreed and written letters and web posts, tweets, etc.

but the responses are not as the Father desires
and it is time to stop
I treasure this new time of no longer gazing upon the pastors

and hearing their words as if they are a late night show host
I see their wives and daughters parade around as if they are for sale

I see their sons, following in the fathers’ footsteps in every way

every sinful way
and I long for fresh air, the cool breeze of purity
the hope of a new generation, God-breathed, set apart, HOLY
uncompromised, in love with God, the Father

I long for the new days and an ocean view
I long to see the children come on bended knee and surrender everything
I hope for the days of total Revival when every part of a man is changed
redeemed, washed and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ

It won’t be long now
for the JUDGMENT comes shortly
and all these churches you see standing tall
and advertising themselves, their programs, speakers, twitters, facebooks
will be as burnt ashes
God will no longer tolerate the filth that these churches produce
He will no longer look your way
or listen to your prayers
because you failed to seek Him
to love Him
to desire His Will, His Ways, His Life

You walk as scavengers on a beach picking up broken pieces of shell
but unable to put them together
You were meant to be healers, cleansers, teachers of Truth
but you just simply gathered the trash
and rejoiced in its impropriety

Shame on you
You gave the world the impression that God is like you
that God is uncaring, unwise, greedy, selfish, impure, negligent
You fed the people tainted fish and poisoned water
and rejoiced when they chose baptism
but what were they baptized into?
Weak, pathetic, harlot ways

But I know of a Sea that brings Life
I know of a God who will cleanse and transform
I know a Father who will bring forth in this last generation
whose song is constant Praise
whose clothes are the Righteousness of a King
who are marked and sealed as conquerors

Goodbye to the false church
Goodbye to your false scriptures and interpretations
Goodbye to your youth groups which breed only filth and compromise
from the leaders down
Goodbye to your sickened people
who are tainted by the lies they live by and are taught
Goodbye to your false worship
which only seeks to gain
Goodbye to your programs, plans, bulletins, facebook pages, twitters
for they only brought forth your fame
Goodbye Satan’s child
Your full ruin is just moments away

Children, look to the sea
Guard your hearts from the false teachers
Bring all that you are to the Throne of God
and ask for all that God desires for you
For He will take you
cleanse you
baptize you
submerge you in His Spirit
and then send you
to bring His Message and Life
to the world
fully empowered