Those who are familiar with the Harry Potter movies / books will understand the meaning of the word, “horcrux,” but for those outside the culture, a horcrux is an object which carries the very soul of evil.  In the 7th movie of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I”, Harry and his friends must wear a horcrux about their necks, taking turns, until they can find out how to destroy it.  The horcrux which they wear contains a portion of the soul of Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord.  When Harry, Ron and Hermoine wear the horcrux, their whole outlook, disposition changes to doom and gloom.

I know exactly how they feel, for God has given me the challenge of decreeing the end of the apostate church.  This responsibility is like a chain of doom / gloom about my neck and I long to finally have the Power to destroy the false church.  It is the soul of Satan which drives the apostate church and yet, when you attend one of these churches, most will experience extreme tolerance, peaceful feelings, a form of love and affection.

I fight day and night the entity of the false church and many times, I am called upon to fight leaders within the apostate church.  I was scolded recently because I did not apologize before I wrote God’s words to call someone to repentance.  I was told that I should feel their pain and identify with them.  I will not identify with evil and I will not apologize for writing words which would lead someone to repentance.

For 17 years I wrote churches and people to call them to repentance, but their response of hatred indicates strongly who controls them.  A true Christian will repent when told what they are doing is wrong.  An apostate will blame, hate and despise the giver of Truth.

How can I rid myself of this job, and yet, even this day, God removes it from me.  There will be no more letters written to call the people to repentance.  There will be no more cries to the people to cause them to stop their lies.  There will only be God coming in Judgment in this time to destroy the Beast. 

People, you carry Satan and his curses within your souls and yet, you believe that you are redeemed.  Only God can prove to you the Truth.  There are abundant signs in your lives that you are not consumed and guided by the Holy Spirit, but because you are just like all those around you who go to church and carry a Bible, you believe that you are saved.

“You find yourself sitting broadside in a chair

in the midst of the congregation

What do you have to say for yourself?

You’ve taught Sunday School or collected clothes for orphans

You watch TBN, laugh at your Pastor’s jokes, attend Wednesday evening home groups

You try to be kind, fair and hopeful

You walk humbly and believe that Jesus died for your sins

Are you a Christian?

Have the curses been removed from you?

Do you still have a portion of Satan within you?

Who controls you?

When you stand before My Throne in that last hour

will I see the Righteousness of the Innocent Lamb

or simply a good person who has strived to be better?

Only those who have been redeemed with the Blood of the Lamb

will be welcome into My Heaven

Look about you in these days

Visit the churches

You will not see people living Holy, Passionate, Love-filled lives

You will see people fraught with sin, claiming grace
and calling out constantly for mercy

When the time comes, remember that you have heard the Truth

You have been called into Redemption, pure-blooded Transformation

Refuse it and your death will be eternal

The churches will meet again this Sunday

The people will smile and greet each other

The songs will be sung

The Pastor will speak his view of Scripture

Money will be collected

Nothing of true change will be accomplished


The churches will not tolerate redeemed, Holy, Blood-cleansed individuals

But for this day and this day forth

The horcrux will hang about your necks

and no longer be the responsibility of My servant

You will carry the doom / gloom and all that comes with unrepentant ways

You will harbor the fear / lack / poverty of the lies you live by

You will no longer have an advocate, a prophet in the gap

Full outright Judgment comes and it starts with just one......”