My Blood conquers all evil
My Blood removes all death
My Blood shed for you
to make My Land fully available to you

But how does one acquire "The Blood of Jesus"?
You cannot acquire it for great sums of money
or even devotion to the King of kings
You must simply ask
for My Blood to penetrate your being
and cleanse you of all that is not of My Kingdom
and My Love

Are there not blood stains in battle?
Are there not people touched by others' blood
to secure a front - a battleground?

Well . . . friends, I stood the ground which is earth
to secure LIFE for each one of you
I was bathed in My own Blood poured out to secure
My Land ~ The Promise Land
for you

Come and ask for My Blood
to cleanse
to set FREE
to prepare you to live with Me
and to Rise up in full Authority
over this natural plane which is earth

How is Authority gained?
Well . . . I test and I test and I test
to bring My Righteous heirs
to the point where Love for Me is their
primary, consuming goal
Once they are willing to give up all things
to simply Love Me
I grant Authority to surpass
to overcome
to destroy
to replace Kingdoms

My Authority is only found in Me
As one Loves Me unto all loss to themselves
They will surely Reign under My Command ~ My Orders

This Authority is a place
of position with Me
reserved for those who appropriate My Blood
until every sin is cast out
until every errant thought is imprisoned and cast out
until every earthly bond is broken
until My LIFE surges and quakes
and causes them to tremble with the Fear of the Lord
unto serving under My Authority
with My Authority

Will many Reign?
All who pass the test

Pray that, in these last days
that My people would be found
desirous / thirsting
to Reign in My Authority

Pray that I will strip My people of earthly goals
and ungodly bonds
that I would cause them to call out for
from this natural world and its constraints / control
to Reign in Holiness and Righteousness
to call forth My Justice
across this world

I made the provision
to bring you into My World

I ask you to forsake all that holds you
to this natural world
and ask to be made perfectly ready
to Reign with Me
according to
My Pleasure and Desire

We have a Kingdom to build



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