What is a "connection"?
What is it that connects and forms the bond?
What fuses My people together?

It's not a mystery
It does not take much time to discover
the bond ~ the "glue"
It is My Holy Spirit

When My people walk in the fullness of My Spirit
They know My Heart, My Ways, My Words
and I bring together unto a whole entity
many who are led by My Spirit

What can be missing in this fusion; however,
People may be guided to hear My Words
and come into full agreement with others
who are led and hear My Words
but there must be more still

My Love must fully bring together as ONE
a Body who lays down their lives for each other
and is willing to sacrifice all to Love another
Body member

We're not there yet, people
Not as I long for My Body to be
But I will bring forth "Glorious Connections"
across this globe, in time,
which will perfectly and soundly and lovingly
represent My Body
soon . . .



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