I will judge those in the way
of My Way
I will judge them
and remove their influence
on My people
I will judge and correct
and render sentences according to the rebellion
and hardness of the heart

Who will stand in the end?
Who will still stand?
Those who have pure hearts
and Love Me with My Divine Love

We are no longer working in the natural
We are of a new race ~ a brand new breed
Strong ~ courageous ~ truthful ~ Loving ~ kind
intolerant of evil ~ compassionate ~
JOYFUL in all things
We are all that I planned from the beginning

Come and sup and know My Provision
Either, you are full of Me or you are not
My leaders will be full of Me
Complete in every way ~ every detail
They will NOT follow after whims or the mind of man
They will be perfectly submissive to My Will
at all times

And how will I judge those outside of My Will
and My Ways, but claim to be of My Name?
The word is "FIRE"
the concept is "HOT, GLOWING LIGHT"
to remove all that will not submit to Me
to burn away all that is against My Words
to show forth the errors, the curses within

I will give each one time to repent
but I also know when the heart has hardened
beyond repentance
I will bring forth damnation - even earthly
upon those who will not follow Me
will not seek after Me
will not give up all that is in their lives
that is against Me and My Love

I will exalt and raise up those who choose
to align themselves with Me
in every way

These are the days, My friends,
of purification of My House
and if I do not purify / cleanse / sanctify
My own
HOW will the world know
that I am a Loving and Righteous Father?
It is by My works against and for My Household
that I am proven to this world

How many will repent?
Not as many as I would want
Of course, I long for all to repent
All to truly know Me and follow Me
on the safe path
but there are those bent on going their own way
and they surely will, for I will not hedge them in
to protect them if they persist
in disobedience and ignorance
of My Calling over them

Many will lose
families, finances, jobs, houses, cars, health
all that is important to them
All that they place before Me
All that consumes and divides their heart
They have all been warned in their spirits
if they belong to Me
and I will one day "draw the line" in each life
and then Righteously act to bring them back
to Me
by removing their gods

It's a shameful thing for them to be found wanting
and yet, adhering to My Gospel
If they truly obeyed My Commands
they would never be wanting

All in the course of history
My Plan is played out
to find ~ to discover ~ to mark
those who want
to be with Me eternally

All are tested
All are given Truth into their hearts
All are welcomed
I died for all ~ each one
Places have been made ready in Heaven
for those who choose Me and My Love
who accept My Sacrifice
but also,
places have been reserved in Hell
for those who refuse My offer
and blaspheme My Spirit
and its constant wooing

Come HOME, dear saints
for My Judgment comes and hits so very hard
in this last hour

I long to keep you safe
but you must abide in Me
and in My Word

Come . . . I have made a safe place for you
Next to Me
within Me
and I, within you



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