Holy Passion, I have against Satan
and his army of helpers
All will be removed that cause My people
to fail and to stumble
I have set My angels ready
to be at the beckon call of My people

Call! People, Call!!!
Call for the demonic kingdoms to be laid low and destroyed
Call for all to be under My full Authority and Reign
Call for all of Satan's schemes to be exposed / revealed
Call for Perfect Discernment to know how to defeat the Evil one
Call for My Grace to be foremost in your lives to offer forgiveness
to those who have been bound by evil
My Perfect Rule in your life and in those around you
that I may soften hearts
convict spirits
release My Words to sever evil
and embrace the whole person
in My Presence

It can happen
It will happen as you believe

NO LONGER will Satan rule
and bring forth his army of demons
to slay My people and keep them
from giving their all to Me

I will expose Satan's schemes
and give each believer instruction how to

These are the days of My Victory
through My people
Stay alert
Stay with Me
Be ready
for every Command ~ every Instruction

I have spoken and I have spoken and I have spoken
to My key leaders
of how to lay the Foundation
of My Glorious Church
through intercessory prayer
and this Foundation
is laid, complete, ready for building

You know how to walk the land and claim it
You know how to abide in Perfect Fellowship with Me
You know that I am eternally Faithful to stand at your side
and defeat all evil

We stand together
My Church and I
and we will surely Reign in these last days

Satan, you're going down
and you have far to fall
Your arrogance cost you everything
You tried to take My Throne
and declare that we were equals
I prove your destruction this day
and now, I have people ready to stand
prepared by My Spirit to stand
and stand, they will
against every one of your attacks
until this world walks
in Righteousness
in Truth
in My Resurrected Power

All said and done
It was a good journey
A great story
A climatic ending
The bad became worse
The hero was not always the strong or the smart
but the one who trusted in Me
The Righteous . . . well, the Righteous surely Reign
at the end of this tale
and unto the Greater Story . . .



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