Words, said and done
I created this world with words
I spoke and it all came to pass

If you then, indeed, carry My Spirit within you
Fathom what the words you speak can do
They can cause LIFE or death
They can create hunger for Me or distaste of My people
They can bring together in Love
or tear apart in jealousy
What do you want the words you speak to do?

Think of these things:
A man rises to the pulpit
He has studied and labored and written notes
and hoped and prayed . . . and then he speaks
This word he speaks can be Anointed

Catch this Wave; however
A man rises to the pulpit
Inclines his ear to My Heart
and begins to speak every Word which I speak to him
Something new?
Not entirely
But, I tell you the Truth
This is how My Anointing will rest on the speakers
of My Glorious Church
All words said ~ will be from My Throne
All words said ~ will carry full Anointing
and Power to break every chain
dislodge every religious spirit
and alert and cast out all evil

Are the speakers prepared?
Some, but not all

Spend time with Me
Perfect the hearing of your spirit to My Heart
Stand up, open your mouth
and I will fill it

I will speak through My people in these last days
and every word I deem to be spoken
will be spoken

Now, what about those of you who are not called
to speak before the people in mass?
You are still firmly called to speak My exact Word
to those I call you to
Ask for My Words to penetrate you
Ask to have all obstacles removed that hinder your
hearing of My Words to you
Ask that you will speak every Word I ordain
in the full Power of My Resurrection

Simple and yet, complete
They bring LIFE or death
Promise or punishment
Hope or failure

Speak LIFE, Promise, Hope
and I will surely fill your mouth
and your spirit with every Word perfectly prepared
for each situation and the hearer/s present

My prophets will also speak words of
death / punishment / failure
where needed and when necessary
All at My beckon Call
Do not fail to listen to these words
through My faithful servants
for they are called to pronounce Satan's work
and call it out and destroy those who will not stop
hindering My Work
I cry repeatedly for repentance from the people
but when their hearts become hard
I will use My servants to speak
death / damnation / absolute punishment

as a sign of My Holiness and My Desire
to bring all to repentance and wholeness
in Me

Heed the words of the prophets
for they constantly lay their lives "on the line"
to speak Truth
I will uphold them
and increase their Power and Authority
in these last days

They will speak LIFE and people will surely
rise from the dead
They will speak death and the last breath
will be taken before their eyes
all ordained in My Courts

Stand in My Way
Words will come to remove you
Ask for My Heart
Words will surely come to empower you
and cause you to speak My Words to others

Hold My Hand
Gather My Words unto your spirit
Love the lost
Read My Word



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