Healing will come to My daughters
Healing and reconciliation will come
and bring forth through My daughters
positions of great Power
not to reign over men
but to reign along with all men
who are wholly Mine

This is not a game
or an exercise of dominance
I raise up My people ~ women and men
and those who I raise up
must submit fully and completely to Me

I look not at whether
someone is a man or a woman
I look at the heart
I watch for obedience
I look for My Character
When all comes into alliance
I put the saint into position
to serve My people

It is not up to man (people) to decide who I use
I use those who are wholly Mine
men, women, children

Come to Me,
if your mind-set is defiance against
My Ordering
Come to Me and we will talk

It was the women who ministered to Me
while I walked this earth
The women came to minister to My needs
They were tender, loving, kind
always ready to Love Me even as children do

Do not hinder the women from My work
Do not touch their souls
with your offensive, downgrading words
Do not look on them, as anything,
but Treasures to My Kingdom
for surely if you spend enough time with Me
you would see them as I do
You would see each person as I do

Come and let Me
cleanse your eyes and your heart
to see as I do
in the most Holy Way

In order to walk together in Perfect union
you must have My Eyes and My Heart
Ask for these things as I fully bring the women,
My precious daughters
into full rank and service
of My Kingdom



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