As the flags across the world are raised once more to full height
this day, September 23, 2001
Know that the tragedy will never be forgotten
The lives lost will never stop being missed and loved
We have come through tragic times, United States,
and we have become stronger
We have become united
We have become as "One Nation Under God"
It took tragedy to accomplish this
It took tears and blood and despair and hopelessness
to make us realize what is truly and ultimately important;
each other and our God
May we never forget what we have learned
May we seek God as He longs to be sought
not just in the good times, not in the walls of religion
but together or alone - just us and God
No pastor or leader dictating our prayers and our heart
but One on one
with the God who created us
One on one
with the Lover of our soul
One on one
with the only One who can redeem us
and protect us
and Love us supremely

There was a prayer written so superbly
in the USA TODAY newspaper just the other day
and it reflects the hearts and minds of this generation of "Christian"
and yet, if fell short of reaching God's Heart
God told me that it came from the heart of those
who have the "Jabez syndrome"
So many have bought the books and read the prayer
and asked God to enlarge their territory
and yet, this tragedy happens
Maybe our prayer should be different
Maybe we shouldn't buy books and read things to God
Maybe we should get to know Him
and ask Him what He wants us to pray
Maybe we should Love Him
and ask that we no longer do evil to Him
Maybe we should Honor Him
by not buying books about Him and how to get in His good graces
and simply LOVE HIM
as children do

I tell you the Truth,
as this tragedy passes by
so will the older generation of institutionalized Christian
that does not really know God and does not really want to know God
but wants the blessings of a "Christian" life
No, the "game" will no longer work
God is calling your bluff
and now, everyone must seek Him to find Him
and Love Him
and Honor Him

And to those who find Him
and Love Him
and Honor Him
does He make the following promise of