The wind picks up and the day is cold

The children are bundled as well as can be

They hide their faces from the wind

for it blows and causes their skin to ache, to burn

The tide of terror comes against the United States
in the same way

The children are bundled as well as can be, we believe

They are kept safe within their homes, schools, churches,
and yet, are they?

Are they safe?

We’re beginning to believe that they are not

We have proof that they are not always safe

Our hearts rend with horror for surely,
our very existence is to protect and love the children,

but look around

We, as a nation have failed

We have failed in the worst way

There are security systems in homes, schools, churches,
but even those will not protect the children

against those bent of destroying them

What then, is the answer?

How can we protect the children?

We sit them before the T.V., Internet, video games at home

They gather information which poisons  heir soul

We gather them in schools to teach them that all forms

of sexuality are OK

God is not present, at least not allowed
within the school walls

and they learn the basics which could easily be taught
in less than 1 hour at home each day

Once again their souls are poisoned

So, Sunday morning comes and we dress them up well
and take them to church

They learn about God and Jesus
and how He loves them all the time

But, the church culture speaks a different message

The adults act differently from the Bible Stories

The Pastors tell jokes and yell obscenities
that only the worst kids on the playground speak

No, this is just a “fairyland” where the adults carry a Bible
to try to prove their allegiance

but even a small child sees and learns hypocrisy

and once again souls are poisoned

for all eternity

Look around

Look at the children

Really see them

You teach them minute by minute
all that you truly believe

The tide turns even colder now

We look to see if the children are safe

You must now know

that they are not safe

What will you do?

What can you do?

I no longer worry about the adults

for they have chosen their plight

but the children are still searching,

still seeking, still hoping
that this world makes sense
and they will be kept safe

I write to protect the children

I write to guard their hearts

I expose the churches
to speak of the eternal damage
to the children’s souls

You cannot protect the children by being passive

You cannot protect them by exposing them to hypocrisy

You cannot shelter them from the storm

if you are, indeed, the one bringing it to them


Hide the children from the oppressor

Hide the children from the hypocrites,

liars, thieves, impure, rebellious

Hide them in the Heart of the Father

the spread of abuse by churches!