this is what HELL looks like


This is what HELL looks like

A room full of children gunned down

They were caught unaware


against the hatred and anger

which lived within one lonely soul

If only things had been different

If only there had been help

If only . . . a thousand different scenarios

but the plain and true fact

is that EVIL won

on that sad, sad day

We write and play and eat and shop

and gather and sing and love

not thinking

not knowing

not believing

that EVIL lurks about us


Especially this time of year

when we are so caught up

in the happiness which Christmas

can bring

but friends, there is EVIL to fight

I’ve fought the EVIL now

for 18 long years

in my home, the churches, the city

the country

but few will join with me

Should I say that there is a handful?

Would that be alarming to know that there

are so few?

Will we defeat the EVIL

to save the children?

It’s unlikely

We’ve tried to make the people aware

of the EVIL

We’ve tried to alert them to the reasons

why their prayers for protection

are not answered

We’ve tried to save them from the HELL

which will soon take over this country

but they prefer not to listen

they prefer, instead, to call the police

to make us stop our warnings to them

They prefer to sit in their ivory towers,

pull in the money,

shake your hand,

clasp your baby

and sit in their office for one more week

awaiting the big day when they spend

an hour or two reciting a sermon

Am I blaming the churches

for the atrocities of the land?

We can certainly start there

for they are charged to bring LIGHT

into the hearts of the people

to cast out the darkness

but look at the people

who attend churches

and you will see

that they are often no different

than anyone else
full of darkness and deception

EVIL is allowed to penetrate

and destroy and kill


you won’t fight

and you won’t fight

because you have not the POWER

to fight EVIL



from God

and that only comes


a fully, devoted, cleansed



given to God

HELL will continue

and escalate

and destroy the children of this generation

because the adults

are too busy impressing each other

securing wealth, health and happiness

I would ask you to join with us

and pray

and of course, there are many praying today

who weren’t praying before the shooting,

but whose prayers will be answered

and how can you guarantee that yours

will be?

Sad day

One of many

The children pay for our neglect

They pay for our hypocrisy

They pay for our laziness

They pay

and it’s not fair

20 children gunned down

innocent of all crimes

innocent unto death

but, they could have lived

another day and another and another

and enjoyed Christmas with their families

but EVIL stole them away

Has EVIL won?

Will it continue to win?

When will you rise up to STOP the EVIL?

"God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

The Wrong shall fail,

The Right prevail,

With peace on the earth, good-will to men."

We are commissioned to partner with God

stand and fight the EVIL

How many more children have to pay

for our lack?