The young boy sat at the back of the class
He was young, angry, sad and hungry
He had fought his sister before school
for no reason
He wanted to be right
He wanted a lot of things
He wanted a new start
and a new home
and friends
But as he sat there
he knew that none of what he wanted
was possible
Not any more
He had given up all hope
He had waited too long
for someone to intervene
No one was wiling to help
And all he knew was loss

He struggled with his schoolwork
because he saw no reason
to complete it
The world was against him
The odds were significantly poor
that he would survive
Only in fifth grade and he had no vision
for a future

Stand back, church and do nothing
Stand back for surely this young boy
will receive help from someone
It's not your place to intervene
It's certainly not your responsibility
because the boy is not Christian
and not from a Christian home
You only help your own
Only the ones who can pay you back
and serve you

This world is hurting, dying
without news of a Savior
The children are not hearing
the true Gospel message
because the churches have chosen
entertainment over the Cross

What will change?
Who can change things?

I propose a change:
I was privy to read this by a young lady
whose friend is in need of help
She has contacted many churches
She has many "Christian" friends
and still she is left disabled,
waiting for help

Do you see the problem here?
Is it just with the father
or the whole concept that is taught
in the churches?

I have to admit, I do know a church
that has gathered 1 million dollars
to build a new building to help the children
in the neighborhood
They're offering free tutoring,
prayer at all hours,
help with food, clothing, babysitting
and yet, there's just one problem
This church has also been reported
for child abuse amongst its leaders
and families
The police were notified
and nothing was done
The perpetrators still have free access
to the children
and now, all the children
of the neighborhood are at risk
1 million dollars they collected
from people completely unaware
of their intentions

Something has to be done
but no one is wiling to do it

I have been asked to be
on the advisory board of the
10 x 10 Campaign, this new endeavor
which will be operating in the United States,
the place of my work at this time

I believe in this work
I believe that most of the money
given to the churches these days
goes to pay pastor's' salaries, their vacations,
church remodeling and decorations,
religious programs and new paved parking lots

And the children
and young people
and the older generation
are waiting
for the church to be
who it was called to be
They're waiting and many will die waiting . . .
but we could change things, couldn't we?
We could get the greed and politics
and misuse of finances removed from our tithes
We could give and know that the money
goes 100 percent to those who need it

I don't believe in "selling" the Gospel
I've written books and God has me put a price on them
only because He says that people won't hold worthy
what they don't "pay" for in some way

We need to be about the business of the Father
We need to be loving and helping those
who will never pay us back or serve us
We need to be Jesus to this world

Let God work on your spirit in this matter
I will put the page out there
and we will see who
is willing to stand up to the churches
and begin to truly love the people
We will see . . .

Let's show the world that Father God cares
He's the Daddy that gives and gives
until they are fully healed, loved and provided for

The churches have little competition

People are told that they must tithe to their local church

They are told that if they tithe that God will bless them

They are given incentives to tithe to churches

but friends, the money is not used

as God would have it

The money is wasted on indulgent, lazy shepherds

and the world is dying because of it!