There was once a famed prince
Who gave all his offerings
To help the poor
Many called him foolish
Others spoke of him as unlearned
For to give to the poor
Only promotes more beggars
More people who refuse to work
More people who feel entitled
And yet the prince knew
That many were poor
For reasons outside their control

He continued to give to the poor
Until his dying day
At his funeral 
The progression of the poor
Wrapped around the city blocks
There was great weeping
And the people believed that they
Would now perish with no one to help them

The banners were put away
The street signs announcing the funeral discarded
The roadways cleared of all debris
From the crowd
The rich rested in their warm, cozy homes
The poor huddled beneath the blankets
The prince had given them
And there arose a song in the middle of the night
All across the city
Which spoke of the prince
And his love for the people,
His generosity
The people sang the song over and over
Into the wee hours of the morning

Rest finally came
to these songsters of the night
Rest and peace
For there arose amongst the rich,
The ordinary, the almost poor
A new heart
A brand new view of the poor
And from almost every household
And store owner
Goods, food, supplies were collected
And distributed that very day

The poor were welcomed and esteemed
They were offered jobs and friendship
They were treated with dignity and respect
They were even loved

What changed the city?
Was it the death of the prince?
Was it his example of helping the poor?
What would change a whole city of people
In one night?

It was the song of the poor
Poured out over and over and over
Over one long night of grief
It was the song that changed 
The people's hearts

And perhaps, now
You will understand how true worship
Offered from hearts of love and gratefulness
Sung throughout the "night"
Will bring the change of heart
God has longed for

You can preach your sermons
You can have your Bible studies
You can gather and collect money
But what really needs to happen
Is a change of heart

The children will come forward
and they will worship in these end times
Everything will begin to crumble
As the earthquakes sweep through the land
But what will arise
Is a song from those who truly know
From whom all blessings flow
And this song sung
Will bring the Revival
Fit for a King
In time

You cannot truly prepare
For what is coming
Unless you learn the song
Ask God to teach you the song
Sung by the heart that pleases Him
And will bring the masses
To know Him
To love Him
To be found in Him

Psalm 42