The stage has been set
and there are few days remaining
Will time tell your future?
Has it been written down before?
Are you in performance mode
and unable to work through
all that you must do
to be in right standing with God?

They say that when the end came near
that the people were less able
to discern what was truly good
They had wasted so much time in the mire
that the evil had penetrated
even their spirit

The churches stand glossy and blind
to true Righteousness
They pervert the truth
and bind the attender to their ways
their mistress
but it won't always be this way
Children will come in your midst
in the coming days
and preach the true Gospel

and you will have a chance
to fall on your knees and repent
but know that if it takes you
that much to ask for your heart
to be changed
that you, too, will be sacrificed
for the greater good

Stand, children and address your Maker
Know His Righteous Rule
and bow before Him
for your Commissioning
It will not happen in a day,
but it does start in a moment of time
in complete surrender

One day it will be said
that the children marched across the land
with the Word of God blazoned on their souls
and they spoke as warrior poets
and the Power within them
brought people to their knees

These children are already born
They are not spoken of in the future
They are here today
You have already seen them
but not recognized what the Touch
from the Master will do
in time

We did not raise these children ourselves
We did not give them correct instruction
We did not lay our lives down for them
We did not do our duty

But they have a Father who will
and in one day you will begin to see them
and they will bleed to speak the Truth
to this world in these last days
For you see, Truth is no more welcome now
than it was when Jesus walked this earth

They will come one by one
and two by two
ten by ten
thousands . . . unto the Cross
to be made new, transformed, alive, TRUE
and worship will rise from these children
as Heaven has never heard
and this earth cannot fully contain