There are many feelings associated
with presenting new concepts
There are many different approaches
There are many ways to manipulate people
There are more ways to coerce them
But as a minister of the Gospel
the only way is to speak Truth
and trust God to work as He wills

I realize that the United States
Is very much made up of cloned individuals
To represent a product
you choose a popular endorser/ pastor / author
But that's not how it works in England
Royalty dictates because basically
they are Royalty

When a new concept is presented by Royalty
It already has the stamp of approval
and doesn't need any other endorsements

In the U.S. most everything fails
that the popular, well known sect
does not promote
And then what we have is simply
the masses following the popular,
whether wise or unwise

Have you ever been to a performance
which was totally unexpected,
completely different than the norm
and at the end
you waited along with everyone else
for one brave soul to applaud
so that you could without embarrassment?

We all give into peer pressure
We all worry about what others think
We all cater to society
more than we would like to

The difference for Christians
is that we have Royal Blood
We have Divine Wisdom planted within us
if we choose to follow
We have the answers
even before the questions are asked
We contain within
our mortal bodies, hearts, spirits and souls
the "fix" for this world
And still we cower behind others,
the popular ones

Step up!
Step away!
Be filled with so much of the Holy Spirit
that you live your life presenting
and representing Jesus Christ
as Savior and Lord
You may not be popular
or choose to endorse
mediocre, apostate books, lifestyles anymore
but you will be His Treasured Possession

You choose daily who you follow:
Your fellow man or the Holy Spirit
Let the Holy Spirit Breathe on you
in such a way that you are brand new
in thought, action, Word
And come away from the crowds
To truly be

In "one and one-half days" this country
will be different
torn asunder
without leaders or teachers
and you will have to find bread and water
on your own
What will you do
if you are so accustomed to following others?
How will you manage
without counsel from the religious?
Who will be there for you?

Come away now and find the Teacher
And no, He does not teach as mortal man
He is firm, consistent
He disciplines, drives you to courage
He is Holy and calls you to be Holy
He is truly the only One you can trust
Make His Mark on this world today!

Is the father in this story a bad man
or is he simply like the countless others
in the United States who serves
the Great Prostitute, the apostate church?

Every one of you have been called
away from her
Every one of you have been given
Truth enough to walk away
and be cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb
Every one of you make a choice daily
to serve her or God

Return to God
Wash off all ties to the Prostitute,
all lies from the Prostitute
by the Blood of Jesus Christ
Submit yourself to God
for His infilling of the Holy Spirit
Walk, run by the pure Counsel of God alone

Royalty, is it an illusion of Power
or is it your Blood bought destiny?
Throne Room Rules!

PS- Your tithe is your signature.
What documents, lifestyle, credence
are you signing your life to?

Wake up!
LOOK for the ancient paths . . .
LISTEN to God's Voice
GO out in Power
WALK in the Perfect Will of the Father

Jeremiah 6:16