And they say that the words
Came out as Lightning all across the globe
No one could understand it
No one knew how it started,
For it started as a Flash,
Like Lightning hitting a tree

People were crushed by the words
And the impact of them
Some expired in one day
After reading them

But there arose children and youth
Looking for a purpose,
Hoping to find a worthy allegiance
Who ate the words
And rose up Mighty, 
Stronger than any before them
And these young men and women
Brought in the last age

They were brave
They were loyal to the one True King
They were willing to lay their lives down
To speak the Truth

They rose with words on their lips
Of Power, of Truth, of Hope, of Love and Life
And they entered the churches
And political arena,
The schools and public places,
The sports arenas and stadiums
And they poured themselves out

At first, there were just a handful
And they were scorned and ridiculed
They were threatened and sentenced
For crimes they did not commit

But in there place
There rose up 10 times their number
With increased Power, 
Humility of the Cross,
The Strength of giants
And they began to spread and multiply
Until the entire world heard the Truth
Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
And saw it in ACTION

These are the days!
This is the time!

Decide which side you will be on
Before the children start their march
Will you be with them or against them?
Your eternal home is decided
By this one question in time

READ, children!
RISE UP with the SWORD of GOD
and bring this country to its knees
The nation will not be conquered in a day,
but it will fall in one day

And they say . . .
That along with the words the children spoke,
There was a song sung
It was sung in the night
And in broad daylight
It was a song of praise to God
but also a song of emancipation
from this world’s offerings

It was brought forth one by one
But also in mass
It was created, birthed
Through sorrow
But christened with gratefulness
to a Holy God
Who brings peace to those
who love Him

RISE UP, children!
READ until you are FULL 
Of Grace, Peace, Power, Anointing of God
And GO!

To every church, every town, 
Every municipal building, school, stadium
For the Blood of the Lamb
Covers you
and will bring you safely HOME

Enter into the gates, Righteous ones!
You are CALLED this day!
Enter in!

Isaiah 26