The silence of death is so deafening
It raises its head and looks around at all who have come
There are young and old
Family and friends
There are those who are just watchers
and those who mourn

The people of the church
speak of the young man as Christian, loving, kind
but those of the Kingdom of God
knew differently

He stood boldly on his driveway
one night years ago
and spoke with Authority
"You are not allowed to come to my Bible Study"
These were instructions given to him by the Pastor
for two young people who sought only to learn of God
He stood and he stood and he stood
until they left his property

What did God think of this act?
What was going through God's Heart as this man
stood his ground and spoke that he was willing
to follow his pastor blindly?

Sadly, no one else knew
The church-goers thought he was right
He was probably praised for being brave
for turning away a young boy and girl
from his safe haven and the other young people

But God saw it differently
Not quite 50 and dead in the grave
There will be no Resurrection for this man
There will be no welcome into the Kingdom of Heaven
There will be no family and friends to greet him
but all he will find is what he showed the young boy and girl
emptiness, loneliness, shame, hatred and the absence of God

Welcome to Hell
You keep the children from coming to the Father
and it would have been better if you had never been born
Countless churches do the same thing every week
They shift out the ones that ask too many questions
They shut the door to those who pray differently
They despise and slander those who truly want to know God

But, friends, I'm here to tell you that there is Justice
There is and it has God's Signature on it
and reigns for Eternity
and no one can change it
No one can alter it
No one can go to the depths of Hell
and take this man and deliver him now to Heaven
It is done
He made his choice every day of his life
He could have repented
He could have made things right
but he didn't
and time is up
as it is for many . . .