Yes, christian, when will it hit home --- your home?
children are stolen everyday and we sit about and gather our friends

and children and thank god that all is well . . .

but for how long?

Last night, I had a dream where I went to pick up my child from a class and i was told that my child had already been picked up by someone else who i did not know.  I went frantically to the people there asking them what they knew and how long ago was she picked up, etc.  no one could give me an answer, but i overheard someone SAYING that the children that were planned to be taken, could not be found, so thEY began to go after all the children.

frightening?  beyond frightening . . . and yet, i have been and will always be an extremely protective parent, and yet, my child was stolen.

can you gather yourself around those words, “My child was stolen”? now, change it for your own life and put your loved ones or friends in the place of child.  will it come to this?  news reports calculate that one person is taken from phoenix, arizona, per day and not returned.  Where are these people taken?  They are children, mothers, boyfriends, spouses, siblings, fiances and they are taken in one day.

but we still sit idly about because we know where our loved ones are and we feel, as though, we have done everything we can to protect them.  But, is that true?  And are we not also responsible for the others who are taken?  how much is a life worth to you?  is it only worth something when you love it?  my friends, god loves the people who are stolen, taken, and often sent off to “rape camps.”  he holds us responsible, because you see, we have the means to stop the trafficking.  We have all that we need to completely stop this satanic destruction of lives.

what will we do and when will we do it?  will it have to happen to one of our own before we begin to fight?  if it takes that, then it may just be a form of justice by a god who knows that our hearts are not moved to action until we are personally affected.

sad, but true.  when will you act?  what will be stolen from you if you don’t act?  whose life can you save today?

ask god to charge you and equip you to be his personal representative to take this matter, not only before your church, family and friends, but before the government and schools and places where people spend their idle american comfortable lives separate from the cares and tragedies of this world.  be a spokesman.  rise up now, before those who you hold within your heart become just a memory.

justice comes to the united states in all different forms.  will you be part of the cure to bring truth, righteousness, safety and life to this country or are YOU just here to make yourself and your small clan happy?

we are held responsible by a god who sees all and knows all and creates situations to cause us to go beyond our own selfish heart to act for the benefit of others.  countless churches attempt to impassion their members to good works by speaking of the crowns which they will receive in heaven.  if it takes a crown to save a life, i doubt very seriously if you have any of god’s love within you.  if you’re counting on crowns to be your prize and glory in heaven, instead of jesus christ, himself, then you have never met him.

so, so simple.

i pray that god will bring to your life all that is necessary to cause you to love the people of this world, to feed the hungry, to clothe the poor, to set free the captives, to offer the gospel passionately in great praise to a father who gave it all for us.

we can change this world.  we can stop the trafficking, the abortions, the hatred, the great, great loss, but we must ask to be filled with god to do this work and to do it wholeheartedly as unto our gift to him for his marvelous and unspeakable gift of ransoming our lives from hell, itself.

we must bring his kingdom here on earth, for you see, it is our “work” as kingdom citizens.  if we fail, well . . . if we fail there will be every form of evil, just as you see prevalent in the united states today . . . and continual destruction.

rise up in god’s great power and ask him what he chooses for you to do this day to bring his kingdom here and be willing to sacrifice all to please him.  if not, i assure you, all will be sacrificed, stolen by satan and his band of non-reformers because it was not placed into god’s hands.

you will surely reap all that you sow, this day and the next, the day following that one and forever more.  we have a god who is just,  who is kind, who offers redemption at the price of his son.  do you not think that he will do what is necessary to cause those who belong to him to sacrifice all to bring his kingdom here?  i know him well, and i know he will.