The guests arrived
coming one by one
to the dinner
No one spoke to the Host,
but acknowledged His presence
with a simple bow or curtsy
This was not a dinner
where children were invited
There was to be no noise
no laughter
to gaiety
Only and fully the consumption of the food
When all the guests were seated,
the Host raised his glass and offered a toast
to begin the evening,
"You will eat until full"
The people present thought the toast strange
but no one commented
Their hearts were set on the food
and the Host made sure that there was plenty
Meats of all kinds
30 different types of vegetables
in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, smells
Desserts appeared endless
One after another, servers brought the desserts
and the table looked, as if,
it could hold no more

Without announcement,
a child came from the corner of the dining room
and offered a small sandwich she had made
to be added to the food assortment
She was scorned by the guests
and shooed away by the servers
But she caught the eye of the Host
who stood abruptly and followed the child
to where the servers had prodded her to go
"Who are you and why have you come?"
The Host questioned the girl

"I heard that there was a dinner to honor a King
so I came and brought what I could make
Are you the King?"

"Yes, I am, but the guests do not know my identity
They were just told that there would be a free dinner
and they would be fed all that they desired"

"Why is no one happy?"
the small child asked

"They failed to bring a gift
They only thought of themselves and what they would eat
There is truly nothing that can fill their souls
or bring them true pleasure until they have hearts to give"
the Host sadly explained
People, you can plan your banquets
Ask the people to come
You can give away your precious time and money
but until the people's hearts are transformed
they will never be full
never truly grateful
never know the joy of receiving
by giving

Yes, reach out to the lost
feed the hungry
clothe the poor
but 1st and foremost,
Invite them to have Kingdom hearts
which are born of Zion
by the Love of God
and ready and anxious to give to receive
all that God has given to them

The child came
again and again
to the house of the King
She was always welcome
She always brought a gift
of her friendship to share with the King

What gift do you bring to the King
each day?