A child ~
a small child approaches the Father
The Father turns and smiles
at the child's innocence in coming
The Father places a gift
actually many gifts in the child's hands

"Go out and share these gifts
Go out and give to all I tell you for

these are precious gifts"

The child went out eager to share
eager to give with the same love that the Father gave to her
She would approach people and offer the gifts
The gifts had no “strings attached”
no price
They were simply given
But each time the child was turned away
After many, many attempts to give the gifts away
the child returned to the Father
still with her hands
full of gifts

"The people did not want them,"
the child said sadly to the Father
"I believe it was because it was I
who was giving the gifts"

The child cried knowing that the gifts
that the Father had offered
would never be given out - never be offered again
The child sat forlorn and alone
for she knew that there must be a reason that the people
would not receive from her
Maybe if she had been taller or smarter
Maybe if she had been announced
or had someone introduce her
but all she had was her innocence,
her love for the Father
and the gifts

The Father
approached with a smile
and a yearning in His Heart for this child
He sat next to the child
and the child's tears began to flow
as never before
They soaked her clothes and as she leaned
upon the Father's cloak
His, too became soaked
The Father gently took the gifts
from the child's hands
He lifted the child upon His lap
and showed her a small basket where
the unwelcome gifts were placed
The Father placed the basket below His chair
His Throne
They sat for hours holding each other
while the child sobbed

"What can I do for you, Father,
if I cannot give out your gifts?

How can I help the people if they will not
receive from me?"

The Father
once again brought out the basket
and the gifts had changed
they were no longer simple gifts,
but they were of silver and gold

"Am I to try to give these
to the people, Father?

Will they receive these new gifts from me?"

The Father smiled and placed His Hand
upon the child's heart

"Only those who have a heart as yours
will be offered these gifts,
but not from your hands will these be given,
but these will be given through much testing and trials
for the child who I am was refused
was treated as shameful by the proud
and now all must be surrendered
to receive even the smallest of gifts from My Bounty
Your job is done ~ is complete
You came and went
You served and loved,
but was shown contempt.
Now, I will set a new precedent
and all will know that

greatest is the child in the Kingdom
Yes, greatest!"

The child rested her small head
upon the Father's chest and heard
the Heartbeat she lived for
She knew that the Father had acted in justice
She knew that the gifts of the Father
would no longer be given without cost
It will truly cost their lives
to receive from the Father
The Father dried the small child's tears
and offered her the greatest of gifts
not something that could be held in her hands
not even something of gold or silver,
but something only the child held special

The smile of His approval