On the wings of a bird, peace scatters
On the wings of an eagle - Truth moves mountains
On the wings of a dove - the people are sent
They are sent to foreign lands to speak the
and yet, how can this Truth
this unfathomable Presence be told
with mere words?

Those of us who know the King
this Gospel-Man
know that His Story is told
with more than words

But what kind of impact
will we have
when our spirits still hunger for His Presence?
What impact can we have when we don’t yet know
how to call the people in
to gather them
to bring in the Harvest?

The Harvest will come, in time
when each one of us place our hand in His
and ask Him to bring forth His Perfect Plan through us
to reach the people He calls us to reach

Yes, we may be drawn to other lands to discover
We may see the people’s eyes
and long to bring them Truth
but, we must still surrender
all that we are
all that we hope to be
into His Hands
to accomplish His Will

Will we go out with Power?
Will we have what it takes to bring
the masses to His Throne?
Will we gather the people unto Him
or will they scatter once we leave?

These are not elements of study
These are not matters to contemplate
and plan “cures”
It all comes down to:
Are we filled with the fullness of God
to accomplish His Good Pleasure this day,
and if not,
what does He require of us to surrender
to be able to hold and contain His Presence
in such a way that His Life is
out through us?

There’s a story of a small boy who entered a bread shop---
He had little money to pay for what he chose to eat
but still he knew with his whole being that he wanted
the bread he saw on the shelf
He asked the baker what it would cost to secure the bread
With great disappointment
the little boy turned to leave the store
once the baker said the price
It was much more than he held in his hand
The baker called after the boy,
“But, if you’re willing to work, I’ll let you have the bread this day”
He quickly wiped the tear from his face
and turned to face the baker

The baker held a broom in his hand
and had brought the bread down from the shelf
The young boy worked until sundown
wiped his hands on his shirt
grabbed the bread and walked toward the door
The baker said, “A good day’s work, lad, earned you a loaf of bread.
What will you have tomorrow?”
The boy smiled with delight
He could not answer, not yet,
but he would surely return tomorrow
And what is it that you want?
What are you willing to do to secure it?

You must eat of the “Bread” the Father gives
to truly grow in Him;
constantly abide in HIm
and continue to hunger for the finest

Ask that God would “feed” you His “Bread”
unto the fullness
of His Power and Presence
to reach all those which He calls you to reach
and do not be surprised
if those He places before you are your field -
your Harvest to come

To know the Father
is the beginning of missions
To know His Heart
is the birthplace of His Calling over you
To know His Desires
is your first assignment
for when we have learned how to please the Father
He fills us with all we need to draw others
into His Presence

knowing the Father
we can only lead the people to hunger
without satisfaction

Find the “Bread Shop”
Ask what you must do to secure the “Father’s Bread”
Eat your fill
Be ready to serve this same “food” to all you encounter
and He will surely multiply His Gifts within you

You may not be that far from what He called you to be
but, direction is essential in these last days
to gather in the Harvest you are called to;
to guarantee Salvation
and to keep safe passage

All that you are called to be
in HIm
is available
Do not let the cares of this world
or the studies of man
substitute for the “Bread”
you can only get from the Father

Only He can feed you what will empower you
to do His Perfect Will

“Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the Will
of Him who sent Me and to accomplish
and completely finish His work.’”
John 4:34