The man stood before his Master
and listened to the words of Commissioning
but the man did not put the robes of his new office on yet
In great wisdom he put on the clothes of a pauper
and set out on a journey
He would walk the streets during the day and step into the shops
With the people, he would converse
and with the children he would play
Often he would ride about town on his bicycle
for you see, he had nothing to prove
The title had already been given to him
but no one knew, but him and his Master
Each day he would recite Psalm 101 and step out into another day
Many of the people called him a “fool” because
of the clothes that he wore
his simple disposition and the "wild" stories he would tell
seemingly from another world
The children accepted him easily with open-eyed anticipation
but the people who were known as wise in that day,
would call him "fool"
behind his back and hope that he would leave the town
As the days grew shorter and winter approached
he rode his bicycle
for one last time before the streets became slippery
but this one day he did not return
That day he fell
for one last test of the people
As he rested from his wounds,
he knew that his days of being the town "fool" were over
but he grew saddened for so few
had known him as he truly was
They judged him for various reasons,
but so few had sought to truly know him
When his body was mended,
his Master came to him and handed him the robes of a King
and gently, ever so gently he began his reign
He did not go back out on the streets much, though
for he did not want to embarrass those
who had called him a "fool"
Those who had been his friends; however,
were welcome to come to his mansion
and many happy days ensued with the King and the people
he knew that he could trust
They had been tried and found worthy

~ ~
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