The farmer rose early in the morning as all good farmers must.  He rose solidly with his feet planted firmly on the floor of his bedroom.  He squinted his eyes at the light which shown through the small window.  Yes, today was a new day and he should celebrate the crops and the Giver of sunshine and rain.  It had been a good year so far.  Most of the land produced well beyond what it had done through the past seasons, but still the farmer had one worry.  Just one concern was on his mind as he shored up his suspenders and put on his boots.  Would the weeds take over?

He had slept less and less so that he could rid the land of the weeds.  He would not revert to using poison and insecticides like the surrounding farmers in the area.  No, he wanted everything to be as it should be, clean and free of harm.  Just good eating he would tell the others when they mocked his ways and his long hours.  But, this morning things just felt different.  He sprinted toward the garden for he felt something was wrong.  What could have happened since he last saw this earth just six hours before anyway?  He found that he did not have an imagination, but he was good at worrying and worry he did until he saw that everything was alright.

The first glance at the crops was good.  He looked to the left and to the right as far as he could see and knew that this was good land and good soil.  But, from the North, something caught his eye and it was too soon for fright to fill his soul, but he knew that what he had felt had just become manifest.  It was a boll weevil.  An evil, small creature out to ruin the land and all his labor.  But wait, a boll weevil only eats  cotton, or does he?  The farmer inspected the ground and thought, now why would a boll weevil be on my land when I don't grow cotton?  Was it a sign of invaders?  What could this mean?

And yet, look at the churches today and you would think that it was good soil where the seeds were planted, but there is trouble about.  The speakers and authors, pastors, evangelists travel about to plant good seeds?  You would hope so, but not true for most.  Have you heard them speak?  Have you seen their families?  Do you know their hearts?  They are there for their own reasons, not to fulfill the will of the Father and they will destroy the land.  Think back to the boll weevil.  He is not evil in his own right.  He is not a destroyer of vision as far as he can see.  He just does what he does to profit himself and that is entirely true of the false prophets, pastors, evangelists, authors who fill your soul with an easy gospel, with flattery and promises of God's favor and blessings . . . but will not call you to account --- will not tell you to repent --- do not know God, the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Spirit.  They profit themselves, alone.

Study with Me in Scripture about these men and women and you will not be surprised at their fate.  So if I take one of these false teachers and put him on display do you think that the others will fear and repent?  If I take one who teaches a false gospel and claims to know Me and do My bidding and show his inner core and how he is determined to destroy truth, would others heed and then welcome truth?  If I take one, what will keep Me from taking one more and then 10 more and then 100 more to prove that I am not their God; they do not have My favor or blessings and I will not allow them into My Heaven?

If I take one, would it save the land?  If I take ten, would the land be saved?  Or would it take thousands to bring forth a change in the way people who profess to be of Me, live their lives?  How many will it be necessary to take to bring pure Truth to the masses? 

Trouble is about and it is Holy Trouble.  Read the words.  Believe the truth.  I come to cleanse the land of all that dishonors My Name.

I come.