DAY 2 -- 09/08/09

This day is prefaced with a dream.  In the dream I was entering a school to take a Math test as a prerequisite to my graduation.  It was to be a 90 minute test so I well knew the importance.  Upon arriving, I heard that a classmate, who disdained Math had already taken the test and received an “A.”  Instead of believing that the test must have been very easy,  I was very proud of her and assumed that she had studied quite extensively.  Those of us who were taking the test were herded into a room by the young Pastor of a local church.  He smiled quickly at me as he handed me the test, assuring me that he thought I would do well.  He began to leave the room after handing out the tests and I asked him what he wanted us to do with the tests when we finished.  He said to take them to a nearby town, to a certain building.  I asked him if he would give us the address.  He said that he would, but he never did.  I looked at the first page of the test and there was a Math problem which I had completed last week on homework --- already completed; however, where I was suppose to put the answer, it had the wrong answer, so I corrected it.  I looked through the pages and there were ads and ads and only one page of Math problems.  I asked the assistant if that was how it was meant to be.  She replied that she would go and try to find out.  She never returned.  I saw that two classmates behind me were using calculators and I exclaimed that I didn’t know we could use them, then stated, “It’s not really a test, is it?”  I don’t remember completing the test in my dream.  I do remember waking up and being quite angry at the test giver for surely this was all a hoax.

And isn’t the modern-day church a hoax?  When it comes time for our Judgment Day, we will realize then, that we were never given all the information by those who should have been teaching us.  The test was full of ads, as the local church promotes all their programs and such, but the real fact is: what will we be tested on that final day?  And will we pass?  Is there something which we are not being told?  Will we miss the Truth?  I pray not. 

You look about the United States and there are hundreds of churches, but how many speak the Truth?  There can’t be very many that do, for God’s Judgment of this country will be against His House first because they failed to follow Him, to teach Truth, to bring forth True Christians and so the evil spreads and takes over.

Will you pass the test on that final day?

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