The story is told of a wild goat which roamed the countryside.  He was a confident goat who walked in full stride.  The land was his and all the other goats would heed his bleats.  This young goat truly believed that he owned the land.

What more can a goat ask for than to be respected by fellow goats and to walk in confidence?  The world appeared to be his and so many would listen and heed even though this goat was not wise.  Why would the goats listen then?  Because he spoke and carried himself as confident.

What does this remind you of?  There are many pastors, evangelists, authors, even prophets, and songsters which walk about the land confident and yet, they are not wise.  The people surround them and listen and heed their words.  But, these people are not disciplined in the Word.  They are not hearers of My Spirit and obedient to My Will.  They may say that they are, but what I see is a “wild goat,” one who will not abide in Me or love Me unto sacrifice of their own plans, reputations, wealth, security, hope, desires. 

A young missionary writes of her complaints of all the people she meets.  Truth is spoken to her to repent, but she calls the words evil and the spokesperson a “thorn.”  She is cold, hard, unresponsive to My Spirit, but quotes the former giants of the faith.  How will her religious influence convince the world that God’s Love is the answer when she fails to love those close to her and those sent to refine her?

Churches join together to pray for 7 weeks.  Fasting is suggested and the meetings are numerous.  Who are these people?  They, too, are people who would not listen to My Words, but believe that they can bribe Me into performing for them so that they can fill their pews and pay their bills.  Outrageous!  And even though they appear disciplined, they are not following Me, but have become religious to accomplish their goals.  The homeless, the helpless, the forlorn, the cast out see right through them and they know that in 8 weeks things will be just as they were before.  Why?  They don’t love God or people unto full sacrifice of themselves as is evidenced by Jesus’ true followers.

Another pastor preaches and teaches from his own interpretations and applications.  The words are often humorous and identifiable to those who are carnal, but accomplish nothing for the Kingdom.  He rules a small city, but the people are fools who would live there, for they know not the Truth and will not ever hear it from this man.  He tells stories to entertain the small minds, but the Truth he will not preach, because it is too convicting even to him.  He preaches not of the Cross, repentance, consecration, holiness or righteousness.  He preaches only grace and blessings, good times and love, but the love he speaks of is a false, empty, self-centered pursuit of fame, praise and accolades.

A young man, raised through this same church system, son of leaders, invites others to join in his romp through perversity.  He’s told by My servant that what he is doing will lead to HELL and he refers to My servant as a “pig,” because he has been taught this disrespect by his Pastor. 

The “goats” rule the churches and the people believe that to be “wild and free” to sin is their privilege, because surely grace abounds.  This is the wide road and so many walk this road that no one truly calls another to account or they would be ousted from the group.

What can be done to expose the “goats” - these undisciplined people who fail to know Me, fail to love Me, fail to hear My clear, strong Voice, fail to bow and obey?

The goats harbor together and they call it unity.  I call it death. Death will rule the “goats’ world” because nothing else will show them that they have chosen a living death.  They are on the wrong road.  They may speak of the Cross, but they disdain it and the humiliation which comes with following Me fully.

Have you seen death?
It is a powerful absence
A frightful emptiness
A final damnation
And yet, I am the RESURRECTION!
I am LIFE, itself
I come to Breathe into My true ones,
but surely breath will be taken from the “goats,”
the wild, undisciplined,
the unconsecrated ones

Watch My Hand
There will be no more warnings