I watched with unbelief as the story unfolded, the tale called, “UNKNOWN.”  Who would have thought that the main character was an assassin; trained, brainwashed into believing that what he was doing was beneficial?  Yes, who would have thought so?  And yet, the story is well told and throughout the story you root for this man to be known once more; to have those who professed to have loved and cared for him to come forward, pat him on the back and tell him that all is well; all will be well.

An unfortunate accident leads to a full recovery of the heart.  But the doctor said that the heart had stopped. STOPPED!  Had it ever been started if this man could murder at will those who he has never met just for the prospect of money?

The story ends with a man, now changed, realizing that his past does not necessarily define who he will become.  He sees his past as arduous and horrendous to the touch.

Travel with me now to the modern day pulpit of updated, newly christened Christianity of these times.  These men and women who fill the pulpits are also fabricated.  Yes, they were born with the names they profess.  Yes, they believe the words which they speak and write.  Yes, they are convinced that all that they do is beneficial.  But, friends, their hearts have not been changed.  They speak a form of nonsense which they profess to be what they have been taught in seminary.  And why would man teach man what the Holy Spirit alone has promised to teach and lead and guide into?  Why?  Because it is fabricated.  It is not the real thing.  It is not Christianity.  It is not Jesus the Christ living through these pastors through the Holy Spirit.

Is it fair to compare these pastors to assassins who have been brainwashed to kill?  I believe it is, because countless millions will go on to Hell due to their false teaching.  Are these men convinced of the “truth” of what they speak?  They have been brainwashed to operate without the compassion and care of Christ, Himself.  If a prophet alights in their midst, they are sent out, hated, despised and told that the words they speak are from demonic voices.

Fabricated Christianity is rampant in these United States and all these men and women who play a part in this tremendous fallacy back each other up in their speech and writings.  They do not hold each other to account.  When serious sins are promoted from the pulpit; when grievous sexual implications are encouraged from the pulpit; when money is worshipped instead of God, Himself; when the children are brought up to follow leadership instead of Jesus Christ, Himself, there is no reproof, only welcoming flattery to remain in the inner circle.

How widespread is this movement?  Most churches are involved, as God would speak; 99% of churches and ministries in these United States defame His Name, His Honor, His Holy Spirit.  Poison comes from the mouths of the men and women of these fabricated pulpits each week and you sit and submit yourself to it honestly believing that these people represent God.  How surprised will you be on the day of your death to stand before the King, Himself and hear Him say, “I never knew you.”  Why?

Because He, Father God, is UNKNOWN to you now.  There is no need to seek Him with your whole heart when in these United States you are delivered grace upon grace from your priest, pastor, small group leader and never are told that you must repent; you must truly be born again so that every sin becomes grievous to you.

UNKNOWN --- They treated the man in the movie as if he was UNKNOWN, but in actuality they knew him very well and the part he played.  He just no longer knew himself.  Good news is that his heart stopped to give him a chance at REAL life.

What will it take in these United States for the average so-called “Christian” to see the deception of the churches and remove themselves from the Beast?  It is unlikely that any disaster, sickness, loss would cause the people to actually seek God’s Face; that’s how well the church of this day has programmed the people.  They don’t truly need God.  They don’t truly follow God.  They don’t ever know God.

UNKNOWN --- Will the Father say that He does not know you on that last day?  You may go to church every day of the week.  You may harbor pastors in your home and pay their bills.  You may help the poor and clothe the destitute.  You may teach Sunday School and give a hearty “Praise the Lord,” whenever trouble arises.  But, do you KNOW HIM?



A short story for the astute. . .

A young boy walks into a department store.  His mother had told him to meet her by the women’s gloves when he was done looking at toys.  A woman approaches the young boy and calls his name.  The boy looks up in wonder, not knowing the woman nor how she knew his name.  Earnestly, the young fellow looks about for his mother.  “MOM,” he calls out.  No one answers.  The woman steps closer to the boy to take his hand, but he turns and runs from her.  Why?  He doesn’t know her.

“And what happens on Sunday mornings when the prophets I send are sent out of the churches for speaking My Words?  What happens when I tell My servants to write My words to the pastors to urge them to repent?  Why doesn’t anyone recognize these words as being from Me, from My Heart?  Because the pastors and people do not know Me.  They are foreigners.  They are truly lost, but are convinced that they are on the right path.  Eternity will tell the sad story of all the people who were led to Hell because the pastors told them that they were on the road to Heaven.  Sad, sad story, but true and real.

We must begin again to divide Truth from error.  We must start at the root and uproot all that is not of My Blood.  We must begin to destroy all that brings death to the people.”

UNKNOWN to many

The apostate church lives and thrives and destroys millions of people.  For what?  For fame, fortune, bounty, but it will not end this way.  The Beast will be destroyed in the end.  God has promised and to that end, I do pray . . .

And the devil that deceived them
          was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are,
                    and shall be tormented day and night
for ever and ever.”
                                                             Revelation 20