All too soon the FIRE falls and the people will run here and there to find cover

They will seek the friend, the counselor, mentor, parent, teacher, pastor, rabbi, priest, but none will be able to truly help or console

for the danger increases daily, almost as if hourly, there are reports of HELL

exploding about the United States

Who can we call?

Who will come and save us?

We have, indeed, rejected God as Father and Founder of this country

We have watered down the churches so that there is little or no Truth

and absolutely NO spiritual Authority to combat evil

We have raised our children to mock good and embrace the stupid and perverse

We are a country of morons looking for the next funny line, sure that it will change our situation into something livable

but the Truth is, DISASTER comes and there will be no tomorrow for many

What did you do with the Truth that you were told?

Where did you file it in your mind?

In what manner did you dismiss it and for what reason?

This is what you should contemplate, for now, most will be unable to remember

the days of the offering of Truth and Grace

They will only see and hear of HELL in the streets, in the schools, runs at the banks, political prisoners, fires and there will be gunfire everywhere

Who will claim this country again after the “attacks,” the sickness and horrors of HELL and death strike it down?

Who dare believe that this country can rebuild and restore?

Who will bring hope again?

You can pray that the “WAR” against the United States will end quickly,

but I know for a fact that it will not end until God has destroyed everything

that rises up against Him and His Holiness

It will not rise until this country cherishes life, both born and unborn

It will not rise until it buries its perversity and greed under the ground and tramples it with the feet of Righteousness

You may think that you have the “cure” to restore this country, but unless you are hearing the Voice of God the Father, you don’t have a clue

This land is marked for death and destruction

This land is decreed as unfit for the Righteous

This land is an abomination to God

This land will now go through the HELL which you have invited

This land will weep and shudder, crack and sway, burn and turn to ashes

before God looks her way again

And what will our enemies say when they see the ruin of such a great land?

Of course, they will rejoice.  They will party in the streets

But, I hope they also learn that it was the Hand of God which brought forth

the destruction, because He is a Holy God and seeks that none should perish

Find an empty room, a small closet, a cave, a seat away from others and seek God while He may still be found, for in just a few hours, you will call on His Name

and He will be absent